Indie Drops - Deals of the Week #2

Notion Growth Workspace by Robleh Jama

  • The all in one Notion workspace to launch your next project. Save countless hours and drive productivity with this powerful Notion template.
  • Deal: Get 30% off with the promo code “30thirty”

Reloc by Matt Brickley (Mobile App)

  • Update your Slack status based on location. Automatically display an emoji to represent where you are. You define the locations. Maintain privacy.
  • Deal: Currently the product is Free

Divjoy by Gabe Ragland (Developer Tool)

  • A React codebase generator. Divjoy handles all the integration details. From routing to React hooks, you'll have everything you need to build something great.
  • Deal: Lifetime deal of $99. Pay once. Get lifetime access.

You can check out the latest deals every week on Indie Drops. If you would like to have your product featured give me a shout on Twitter.

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