Ideas and Validation February 18, 2020

Indie Hackathon Idea

Yaro Bagriy @yaroslawbagriy

Since I started programming and being apart of the indie/startup scene, I've always loved hackathons. It was great meeting with the community to build something in such a short time. The only thing we focused on was the product.

What does IH think of an Indie Hackathon where you brainstorm ideas with the group, then everyone picks an idea, builds an MVP, and get's their first customer all in a weekend.

I feel this can help some beginning Indie Hackers out with getting started and validating an idea quick.

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    Startup Weekend does something similar. A few hours are spend brainstorming, people post their ideas on the wall and everyone votes. The winning ideas are selected and people form teams to execute on the idea. Definitely a fun time.

    I love ideas that come from real problems. If you're going to try this, I'd recommend brining a few ideas to the event to start. The idea phase is great for meeting people and breaking the ice but sometimes it's hard to come up with solid ideas on the spot.

    I have a free website with 290+ ideas, check it out and feel free to pull any from that:

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      Awesome thanks for the site! You're right about the idea. Yeah I was actually in Startup Weekend and got an MVP out. But a lot of those ideas are big, this hackathon is for small ideas which can launch in a weekend and actually get someone to pay.

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        Hi @yaroslawbagriy - good to hear :) i'm working for Techstars and has over 80 Startup Weekends experience. I definitely like your initiative and would love to participate.

        I'm curious - how would you measure whether an idea is big or small before execution stage?

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          That's awesome :) I'll reach out to you! Now that's a tough question. Perhaps it would need to be filtered down to just one feature. A one feature product. That will at least help make the project doable within a weekend.