Indie Hacker Dashboard?


I was looking at Lee Robinson's personal dashboard, and found that it could be useful to visualize my progress.

Everyday morning I will open a bunch of sites to see my stats, including:

  • Medium (for blog views)
  • Google Analystics (for landing page views)
  • Mailchimp (for email signups)

It will be great if they are all in one place.

Do you think it's useful to have such a dashboard?

Are you aware of any product offering for this?

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    https://sunrisekpi.com/ by @briancasel

    I knew one company that got into YC with a similar idea. But haven't heard much from the founder.

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      Thanks for the tag @volkandkaya!

      Yep - that's exactly the problem I wanted to solve (for myself) with SunriseKPI. Also having it send me those numbers in a daily email each morning :)

      1. 1

        @briancasel 👍I like the idea of having an email in the morning to remind me about the numbers.

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    I think the YC company that worked on this was snapboard.io

  3. 2

    You could call this product "Ego Metrics" 🤣

  4. 1

    Working on this right now with magic-ga.com :)

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    Personal Dashboards are a really hard business to be in.

    Geckoboard started as personal, morphed to business.

    I have seen quite a few come and go.

    My company provides warehousing, ETL tools, dashboards and visualizations, and sharing tools for businesses. We have seen quite a few companies started, then shut.

    1. 1

      Is it because people generally are not willing to pay for personal dashboards?

      1. 1

        That is one problem. The value of not having to log into different sites is pretty low.

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    It’s a good idea, but choose your metrics very carefully...

  7. 1

    Great idea. I am looking for an idea for my first saas. I will take this into consideration.

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    Sounds cool! I don't know of any yet but I would love to have one like the one you showed on this post.

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