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I'm creating a group of about 3 or 4 total (including me) Indie Hackers who are currently at the same level as me (in terms of their journey) or ahead of me (not way ahead of me though). Basically I have a few goals with the group / things I want to get out of it (I have some info about me at the bottom)

  1. Meet other Indie Hackers - Having people in your network is super valuable. Having a friend is about 10x more valuable IMO. I'm interested in getting to know other people who are doing similar things as me.
  2. Ideation / Brainstorming / Get Help - I want to talk about the challenges I'm facing, and get input from other people about ways to face those challenges. Personally I've always found talks much more productive than posts on forums.
  3. Progress Reports - Accountability. I don't have a huge problem with this, but the act of constantly reporting of what I've done helps me figure out if I'm actually making progress, and allows peers to call me out if I'm lying to myself.
  4. Other Perspectives - I want to hear others opinions, about what I'm doing where I'm at, what they think I should be doing. It's very easy for me to overlook things.
  5. Learn from others experience - I want to draw on what's been working for the people around me. I feel like it's best to learn from people who are at a similar stage as I am
  6. Have fun - I want to enjoy participating in the group every week, so I intend for it be fun.

If you share some of these goals then I think you'd be great for the group!

Unsure about

  • Meeting times - I'm not sure how often we'll meet up. I was thinking 1 time a week, but it can be figured out once people want to join the group!


do you have a goal that isn't one of mine? Great! Let me hear it!

About Me

My name is Saša! I'm currently working on OpenPotatos, which is a product to help Indie Hackers meet each other.

where I'm at: I've built an MVP, and now I'm working backwards 😅. Basically I have an audience I'm trying to target, and now I'm trying to figure out the exact problem I'm solving / what my value prop is.

Revenue: $0 😱

That's the short of it! If you have more questions about me I'd be glad to answer them!

Sign up

Want to join our group? Add your Twitter or Indie Hacker account to this google sheet, Or just comment on this post and I can add you to it!

Also, it if you'd like it would be great if you could intro yourself a bit, tell me what your working on, and we can get to know each other a bit!

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