Indie hacker in the UK? Come say hello!

Indie hacker in the UK?

Come say hello!

Let us know whereabouts you are and what you are working on!

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    I'm based in South West London. Love the area!

    Helping founders as much as I can sharing my stories on my newsletter and using my Twitter

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      I'll create a what's app group for IndieHackers in London, send me an email [email protected] if you want to join SUBJECT LINE: "Whatsapp London IndieHackers"

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        @charlierward runs the IndieLondon Slack group, which is great!


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          Thank you for sharing ill check it out for sure, the one I'm creating is going to be purely community-based, no sponsors, no fees, no subscription, no nothing, just casual chats and meetups.

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            Our Slack/meet-ups are free too Carlos. You’re more than welcome to join✌️

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              So its completely separate to the https://weekendclub.co you own? What is Weekendclub, a members club where people share ideas and help each other out? Just trying to get my head around it.

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                Fair question :) I run two communities.

                Indie London is a free Slack and meet-ups for local Indie Hackers. We have around 400 on Slack.

                Weekend Club is a paid, remote community for people building stuff on weekends. This goes further afield than just London. We have members in other countries too.

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                  Some people are members of both, but technically they’re different entities.

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                    Basically freemium and premium, just checking out your premium one now.

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                      Awesome, thanks for checking us out 🔥(Btw Indie London is 100% free, not freemium.)

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          Just joined, look forward to speaking to you all there!

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    Hey! Loving the UK love in this post!

    I'm based in East London and i'm working on a couple of things but currently focusing on brushwrk.co.uk at the moment.

    I'd be interested to hear what are some of people's favourite spots where they are? Mine is currently this little place in Wood Green called oita thats great to work in but also do the best japanese food i've ever had!

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      Oh nice! I live in Brighton and love walking in the Downs and swimming in the sea.

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    Hello! Based in Bristol working on https://tinyprojects.dev :)

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      Ice cream business and a cookie dough business, sounds fun!! I hope youre selling lots during this summer heatwave!!

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    Hello! Glasgow. Working on - https://astrolahq.com :)

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      Hello fellow "G" postcoder.

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      So this is your blurb:

      "Astrola adds a knowledge base, customer feedback, roadmaps, changelogs and blogs to your app with ease. Helping early-stage companies grow from a solid platform."

      I don't quite understand it, can you simplify it for me?

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        Oh dear! I should probably write a cleaner strapline, thanks for mentioning. Essentially the app adds a knowledge base, customer feedback, roadmaps, changelogs and blogging to your web app. You can add it to a custom domain like hq.yourwebapp.com

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          Whats your new strapline? How would you explain it to a child?

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    Hello everyone.
    Nico here from North London.
    I'm a Laravel developer and I'm currently building a stock analysis Saas while learning ReactJS

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    Hey there!

    Milton Keynes, working on Fruitbowl.io: an invoicing & contracts platform for digital agencies

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    Hi everyone, just joined the group. I'm a freelance mobile developer based in London. I'm working on my own app ideas and also open to any collaborations. Im always happy to chat anything mobile-related so please feel free to reach out. Hope to come along to irl meetup soon

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    I'm based in South Wales around half hour from Cardiff.
    Working on my own fund - prototype, sharing my journey daily on YouTube and here on IH. More info https://www.servus.fund/

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    👋🏻 Hi y'all,

    Brighton here.

    I'm a full stack developer, running a small prototyping agency with my business partner (spin-up.io) - on the side I'm an egghead instructor (egghead.io/instructors/kevin-cunningham), blog and send a newsletter around code, learning and personal knowledge management (kevincunningham.co.uk) and do some live code streams on Twitch and YT.

    I'm very keen on developing multiple income streams and running frequent, small experiments. Currently working on a course with egghead and an info product while learning a new programming language (Clojure - kevincunningham.co.uk/brain/ClojureFam) and participating in a few learning book groups.

    I've listened to the podcast for a long time and keen to be more and more practical :)

    Looking forward to connecting with more UK peeps :)

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    I'm based in East London. Currently helping people discover the best money tools in the UK. I just built and launched Koody (www.koody.co).

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      I love the information here - it's very clear and helpful! There doesn't feel like there is much info around for UK investing. MSM does some stuff but I like your approach!

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        Thanks for your feedback. There's actually a lot of good content on investing, etc. out there. But they are scattered around, and sometimes, you have read two to three websites to actually find the value you are looking for. My vision is to make Koody the one-stop destination for all things personal finance.

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    Hi, I'm based in Cambridge area and just moved to the UK. First time posting on IH and super excited. I started learning how to code in 2016 but never have started a project of my own yet. After reading so many inspirational stories of many indie hackers, now I'm finally building something :)

    Anyone in and around Cambridgeshire?

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    I'm from Slovakia but I study in London (high-school).

    I'm here to get inspired and listen to some advice from more experienced indie hackers. My ultimate goal is to create a side hustle that would make me some money on the side- I'm going to uni next year so any extra cash would be great!

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    I'm based in Edinburgh and working on Downtime Monkey

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      Nice Ryan. I like this space of automating practical checks that would require some manual cron config and managing.

      My mate Dom runs littlewarden.com - they are in your space if you wanted to connect, though might be too close to being competitors for that to be wanted. 🙃

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        Thanks Kevin. It's always good to connect and there are so many competitors in this space that I'm not worried about that aspect, as long as we continue to get a little slice of this massive market I'm happy :)

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    Hi All, I'm based in St Albans, just north of London, and I'm working on:

    • formflare.io: form processing for static sites
    • editsquare.com: online motion graphics video editor
    • "PLOPPER": (very early stage/name pending!) WYSIWYG drag and drop static site builder based off tailwindcss.com
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      Love the diversity of stuff you're working on.

      Are the submissions on formflare monthly? They say n submissions and I wasn't clear if that was every month or total.

      I'm a huge Tailwind fan! A gold standard of bootstrapped indie hacking IMO.

      What's your main focus at the moment?

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    Hello all. Manchester based web developer here trying to get into the indie hacking life!

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    Hello All, quite a few Londoners here. I am based in the Cotswold’s and working on Big Ideas which mainly creates custom cost reports to estimate the cost of bringing a hardware product to market, but i also manage tech freelancers

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      Tried to check out your Big ideas and the link was broken. Sounds like a fascinating idea and I'd love to read more.

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        Thanks for letting me know, there was a typo in the link, it is all updated now.
        Let me know if you have any questions about bigideas

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          Very cool! I love it - is it just you at the moment? How are you getting traffic to the site? Are you converting?

          In my "main" hustle, we do something similar for digital prototyping but it's awesome to see the diversity of fields you're offering value to - does that make it hard to target/find the "ideal" customer?

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            Yes just me at the moment. I am still trying to develop the site and find the niche that adds the most value. The site hasn’t converted yet, but i am getting hardly any traffic, so i am very slowly trying to improve that with content marketing.

            It does make it a little tricky finding the ideal customer, new startups with a non technical founder would benefit the most from my services, but they often don’t have a budget for cost analysis, so i am trying to figure out who to market too.

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    From Chester currently freelancing 🙌

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      Nice! My newsletter is one of my focuses this month and I've bookmarked your site to explore the content there.

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    Iain here from Hampshire. I curate a weekly newsletter aimed at web developers showcasing currently trending projects. Next weeks issue will also include my first developer interview with a fellow indiehacker which I am excited to get published.


    Next issue goes out tomorrow lunch time

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        Thanks Kevin, the latest issue is scheduled for lunch time today. I hope you enjoy.

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    Hello London ;)

    Based in east London. Working on building our Company Cloudbuddies. Innovative approach to cloud consultancy and cloud management but our USP is our Cloud Deployment as A Service Platform, Archie. Archie will let you deploy Well Architected, ready-to-use or customisable Cloud Artefacts effortlessly in minutes, right from your Browser.
    Accessible to Anyone from Anywhere, from Cloud Amateurs to Cloud Experts...cloud deployments made easier.

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      Nice. What's your stack looking like? Is it AWS based or some other variation?

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        Thanks. Archie supports AWS to start but we plan to extend to gcp and azure in the future. If interested you can join the waiting list, link on our website, cloudbuddies.io, and we will share the link to Archie when ready. There is also a small demo video showing Archie in action.

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    Based in London.

    Working on nexthangout.com , a place to discover the best virtual meetups and events, the discovery aspect is there, but currently working on the community organiser side tools to make running virtual communities easier, starting with allowing them to offer monthly memberships to community members. I really want to enable small community owners in monetising their communities, think a Yoga teacher with 300 engaged IG followers who wants to offer classes via Zoom in exchange for a monthly membership.

    Also would like to build a following myself, ideally on a newsletter, but lets just start with Twitter for now, I follow back!

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      This is cool. Meetup doesn't have good organiser tools IMO. I run a PHP meetup and have thought for a while of building a new tool for this.

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      So let me get this straight
      I'm a user, I pay nexthangout for access to classes...etc? The teacher gets free membership, but also gets a commission?

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    I'm based in London three!! Shall we all meet up grab a pint/drink?
    I'm working on putting together https://treasure.cloud

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      I hope all you London people know of @charlierward

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        @rosiesherry I'm trying to figure out what your newsletter is about "Community building", I see you have 500 on your mailing list which is amazing, and 10 paying. Is that for your Brighton Indie Hackers community you made? Or do you make a separate income from that?

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          I don't make anything from the Brighton group. My newsletter is focused on community building and now has 35 paying subscribers, and close to 700 free subscribers now.

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            Thats amazing! Well done! Just had a cheeky stalk, Ministry of Testing interesting! Why did you move on? Pretty cool company by the looks of it.

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              Mostly got bored of testing and didn't feel inspired to lead a team into something I was no longer personally aspired to.

              It's still going strong and I still (co)own it.

              1. 1

                Fair enough, I can understand that, I guess it was good to get out when you did especially given whats going on with Covid-19.

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        Never heard of the guy/girl

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        I'll create a what's app group for IndieHackers in London, send me an email [email protected] if you want to join SUBJECT LINE: "Whatsapp London IndieHackers"

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        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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        I'll create a what's app group for IndieHackers in London, send me an email [email protected] if you want to join SUBJECT LINE: "Whatsapp London IndieHackers"

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          This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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            I just checked our your company, it looks like a cool company, really easy to use, I just tried it. How to monetize it?

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              This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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                First thing that comes to mind is a live feed as a dashboard for companies to monitor their holding companies websites..etc

                You will have to think carefully would want to see this why and what can they use the information for. Then you can start to focus who would want something custom made.

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        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    I live by the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond and my main product is SongBox

    I recently launched something called "Question Hero" which is currently offline because I'm going through talks with a company interested in taking it as an exclusive licence thingy

    I more recently launched a community for product managers MVP.FYI which I'm quietly excited about.

    My last main thing is GetFed which I don't really talk about much on here because I have business partner on that one and it has received significant funding via investment - so I don't see it as an IH fit.

    I have a day job at a large uk enterprise company where I lead / manage all of the product managers.

    I'm tired.

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      Love the SongBox concept!

      I got a bit confused with "privately" and tracking - with so many recent privacy focused tools, do you think there is a danger that others might as well? Share privately vs share directly or something - I wonder if private is very waited in this FB/Google/Amazon tracking days.

      1. 1

        It's an interesting point you make. However my target demographic are outside our little tech bubble and so far no-one has come anywhere close to making that kind of connection.

        In SongBox land "private" simply means "not public".

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      hi @Primer

      • SongBox cool idea, so is it basically a ultra-secure way of sharing music with seeing key analytics behind it? The data involved must eat your margins? I like it, also like your background in theatre I read. I have a small back ground in theatre too.
      • As for GetFed, do you partner up with catering companies that make homemade like meals on the go? Just in time. As I know plenty of food companies.

      Whats your day job?

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        Hi Carlos

        Yeah you pretty much have nailed SongBox but it's not the data that eats my margins its the hosting and streaming of audio.

        No with Getfed we use actual, real, home cooks. Operating from within their own houses.

        I don't want to disclose the details of my day job (as in the company name), but as I said I lead the Product Managers so my remit covers 100% of the company's digital product development; ranging across the whole spectrum from our flagship website to the smallest of internal apps. across the spectrum our products help the company transact over £4billion per year.

        1. 1

          Ah that makes sense! I'm launching an ultra-secure cloud platform, let me know if its of interest to you. But I think you already have your model pretty sorted.

          I love the Getfed idea, I assume the only barrier for cook is the regulatory one. But I guess if they're a professional then it works. Where are you based?

          Ah no worries! Sounds cool though. Good experience

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            With GetFed the regulatory thing is a major, what word would I use?


            It's a major factor but we have a solid legal foundation and all of our home cooks are insured.

            We're kinda following the path of many other disruptive startups, but most noticeably Uber (with regards to how they danced on the regulatory line) and a phrase that is now referred to as "travis's law", which states:

            "If you create a product that is so superior to the status quo that if we give people the opportunity to try it, they will defend it and demand its right to exist."

            We're based in Glasgow. The business was growing and doing well there until COVID hit.

            1. 2

              Factor haha yes I agree!

              That makes sense, I guess you will have to go with that approach as your model is rather disruptive to the industry! Go for it!! Listen I would love to connect with you, if you want to pass ideas through me or want feedback im more than happy to give it to you, or even roast you for that matter.

              Connect with me on twitter https://twitter.com/CarlosWallhead

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      What's it like in Loch Lomond?

      My husband is Scottish (originally from Ayr), we're tempted at making the move up there, not quite sure where though.

      1. 1

        Difficult question to answer without bias. To me its paradise. I hate big cities and crowds and albeit Loch Lomond DOES attract the tourists, it's bearable. Although right now during covid I wish all the incomers would F*CK off home and stop coming here for a day out.... anyway... I digress.

        Here are some photos I took just last weekend:


        If you like world class scenery, amazing hill walks, incredible open water and the friendliest people on earth then move to rural Scotland. If you hate all that then don't lol

        1. 1

          +1 Lovely on the west coast. I mention I'm from Glasgow, but I'm closer to Loch Lomond.

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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      There is another tool like this in the thread. How are you attracting customers?

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        This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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