Twitter September 25, 2020

Indie Hacker Twitter Lists

Stephen Shaw @sxsio

What are some twitter lists you follow or would recommend? 🤔 Ideally, lists Indie Hackers would enjoy 🚀

For example, here’s a few I follow...

IndieHackers by @codezed

Indie Makers - 1k by @ankleio

Indiehackers friends by @manyTomas

You can find all the lists I follow here

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    Thanks, I only knew of @ankleio's

  2. 2

    Hey @sxsio !
    Thanks for noticing the list and following it :)

    The list has become my default feed on twitter now(you can pin a list on twitter mobile app for it to show as a separate feed on your home page)
    and I'm constantly adding and removing people from the list to keep it as updated as possible.

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      Nice! I check out your list daily, such a great resource for connecting with other IH’s.

      1. 2

        although, I just realized that the list you have linked in the post is not my list haha

        My IH twitter list is here:

        1. 1

          😲 Ah! Thanks for catching, fixed it!

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    I'm following the list from @codezed he did a great job. Also the lists from @ankleio

    I wasn't aware of the last list, but I don't know if I'm missing anything about IHs with all those list I already followed.

    1. 1

      Cool, yeah, think the last one is based on the Hacking Twitter Posts @manyTomas posted here:
      By the way, like the analysis work you're doing with Connect really interesting.

      1. 2

        Thanks a lot. I'm trying my way out. When I have the time I should check the lists and see the overlapping users. Share it as another analysis :)

        Also I'm still waiting for the whole pack on ProductNames (domain, ig, tweet. all together) Recently found this site, allows 1k api calls for free. if it helps with your workflow.

        1. 2

          Yeah, that'd be a great idea for an analysis, there's definitely overlap. Getting a consolidated list would also really be something. Thanks for hadn't heard of this, bookmarked. Definitely planning to expand Product Names further and get some packs together, want it to be as useful as possible.

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