Indie Hackers appreciation post :)

As it is obvious from the title, I want to thanks everyone here at Indie Hackers for making this place wholesome.

This quarantine is taking a toll on me. All I am doing in this lockdown is working on personal projects and for clients for hours, coding, and sleeping. I can feel there's an emotional buildup. I am a little fed up with all of this. Scrolling through social media feels tiring and frustrating too.

But then, I open Indie Hackers, see a few notifications, how you people liked my posts/comments, how some people followed me because they feel I am providing them some valuable content. It feels great. IH feels like family too. I know some people around here and always look forward to their comments.

So this is it guys, Just wanted to appreciate all of you, for making this place awesome. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. I will see you there.

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    I feel you. I'm super pissed off at myself for ignoring Indie Hackers for so long. I was obsessed with Twitter and the webdev community there but it has taken a toll on me because the entire mindset and attitude there is super negative and cynical.

    I stopped using Twitter for a month and I feel way better. Hopefully, I'll engage more with the IH Community because it's positive and encouraging.

    Take care! 🙌️

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      I feel the same about the IH community, also went throught a stage where I knew about it but never participated (ignored it).

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      I have a Twitter account but don't know how to use it. It feels alien to me :( Should I ... just not bother?

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        I have a 'no scroll' rule. I don't scroll down my feed more than one or two swipes.

        I will post stuff and read stuff in response to my responses. I also have alerts on certain profiles that I want to keep in touch with.

        A good approach might be to follow people you find here on Twitter.

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        Don't fall into the trap! 😅 Twitter was absolutely crucial for my career taking off, and I've "met" some amazing people, but the negatives outweigh the positives.

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          Twitter was essential to your career taking off yet you're still recommending not to spend time there? I don't follow. That's a huge positive. Is the Twitter space really that bad?

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            Yes, it can be super helpful, and I'd tell you to "just approach it cautiously" but once you're hooked, it's over.

            Once you define it as "this thing helps my career" it's very hard to get off of it. And it can seriously impact your mental health. So you constantly obsess with people's opinions, with the tweets that you post, etc. It becomes (a very frustrating) part of your personality.

            Twitter is created to be addictive in every way possible. A tweet is just 240 chars of nonsense. So any time you want to actually create content (longer blog post, video, etc.) your brain will be satisfied only by posting a tweet, because the likes will come faster.

            I wrote an article called Killing My Social Media Addiction and I explain a bit more.

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              I see, thanks. :)

              My main reason for joining was that it's an easy way to get in touch with people. I don't even post haha. Strongly considering sticking to just e-mail. I'll make a final decision today.

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                Your initial reaction was correct. Twitter is uniquely great for business so it's not something you should completely reject for any reason. Nothing is perfect dude, everything has good and bad aspects.

                You don't want to miss out on the best things in life just because the possibility of running into a few bad actors exists.

                Think of all the brilliant people who use Twitter, are they all crazy? It'll put some hair on your chest.

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                  I'm already a gorilla from living under threat of death for over a decade, thanks. Most people have no stones. All bark, no bite. That said, dealing with toxicity takes time away from more meaningful work, and that's a concern worth considering.

                  I'm more concerned with spreading myself too thin and not being where my audience is though. "To be everywhere is to be nowhere", as Seneca put it.

                  Twitter has all the characteristics of a slot machine too. It's easy to lose time there and become addicted. I liked @rosiesherry 's suggestion though. That could work.

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    I'm thankfully an introvert who thrives in isolation, but even introverts need meaningful connections. Hoping to find them here. This place feels special <3

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      I am my introvert too and I can relate totally. IH is a great place if you want to talk to someone about anything including me. Feel free to reach out.

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    Don't let all negativity in media/news to conquer your spirit. Spend time in positive environments like here :)

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    Wow your days sound similiar to mine. I just also throw in a bit of exercise.

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      @papertrail I also exercised daily at the start of lockdown. But now I am usually skipping it hiding behind some excuse.

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        It has an impact on my productivity. I feel like when I exercise I am more productive.

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    IH is by far one of the friendliest and most helpful communities I have ever been a part of.

    If you're reading this, then I personally thank you! You're part of why IH is great. 🤗

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      Thanks @richardchu. Just saw your profile. You have made some awesome products! Hope you will make it big. Maybe you can update stats like profits of your projects like Screenshot Creator?

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        Thanks! Screenshot Creator's revenue is inconsistent so putting a monthly value there seems misleading. I hope to be more open with Letterbase's stats once I start getting more customers :)

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    I feel the same way -- thank you for putting it into words :) And good luck going forward. I'm rooting for you!

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    Same here, I am slowly replacing social media with IH. It's so inspiring here, and I'm learning so much and wish that one day I could contribute. I'm still a computer science student with a passion for entrepreneurship, I am also working part-time. I'm starving to get started. But when and how, these are the questions I am asking myself every day.

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      I was there too, a few months back. Look around and you will realise you have something to give back here. If not advice then maybe a comment to cheer up IndieHackers here.

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        Thank you :D I am going to do my best

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    +1 IH community and positive vibes

    For emotional build up it has helped me to completely step away from work for 48 hours. One day is too small but absolutely no work for two days helps restore perspective that there's more to life

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    Same to you. Keep going Rajeev!

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    +1, always refreshing to see all the energy and stories!

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