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Hi all,

Did some searching on the forum to try to find recommendations but came up empty handed.

Hi all, I’m looking for legal advice related to matters like IP/consultant agreements and TOS/privacy policies. I’m currently in Florida and I’ve just incorporated in Delaware. I’m working on a couple of projects. Right now the company is just me using Upwork freelancers and I’m bootstrapping with no external funding or employees.

I think I will probably need some help with consultant agreements (written in approachable/understandable language for overseas contractors), terms/privacy policy in the near future, and generally, someone to consult when legal matters come up.

Does anyone have any recommendations for affordable small firms familiar with startups/bootstrapped companies?

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    Hi @jowo, I can freely recommend Maria Worley from @Start_Law. She absolutely rocks. My company is incorporated in Delaware, and she not only replies in timely manner, but also follow up on her own. So, I really trust her with everything regarding my business, and feel super-comfortable to recommend her to you too.

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    I would like to recommend myself :) Feel free to reach out for any help.

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    I had same concerns/needs a while ago. These are relevant and useful legal services I managed to dig up and bookmark:

    We use Iubenda for ToS and Privacy Policy.

    I use my own adaptation of Andy Clarke's open source contract for consulting projects:

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      This is a great list. Thank you.

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