Indie Hackers mobile app landing page

I'm working on an Indie Hackers mobile client for iOS called Moon and recently took a break from coding to throw together a super simple landing page.

I'm hoping this new site will be a better way for folks to learn what Moon is and a much faster way to request a beta invite.

My main question: Does the page make it clear who Moon is for?



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    Very lear, love the animated image.
    I know exactly why I want to know.

    About monetization, well, I'm not sure I'll pay for that, but, the sentence "Free during private beta" can be removed. (my 2 cents

    You can only write only "free", and you'll see after what happened. If you make it paid, at least, you'll have the emails for free users.

    So writing that the service could be paid in the future may discourage some people (like me ) from signing up because I will not pay for this service

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      @Tim12 I know I'm late on this, but can you explain why you choose not to pay for this service?

      Or in other words, what would you expect from such a service so that you will pay for it?

      I'm just a curious indie developer trying to understand the customer mindset. Others can also share their opinions.

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        Sorry, I think I wasn't clear.
        It's not about your product itself (which is great), but, personally, I don't like to signup for a product in beta without knowing what will be the pricing.

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          Yeah, I understand that. I've felt the same sometimes.

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      Thanks for the input Tim! Will definitely keep that in mind.

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    Cool app! I'd 100% use this. I'm curious how you're making this. They don't have an api and scraping is prohibited in their tos.

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      This comment was deleted 10 months ago.

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        Hey @levidxyz.
        How did you find their firebase rest endpoints ?

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          Oops accidentally clicked delete instead of edit. I dig quite a bit of digging / reverse engineering.

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    Looks pretty clear to me from the landing page. How did you decide on the name Moon?

    Good luck with the app

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      Thanks for taking a look Iain!
      My favorite shirt right now is the IH "Astroshipper" tee so I wanted to name the app something space-related. Astro, Comet, Moon etc were all names I was thinking and Moon seemed fitting since there is a giant moon behind the astronaut 👍

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    I am curious to know how are you getting data from since they don’t have an API and scraping is not allowed?


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