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Indie Hackers, which one is better for marketing? Linkedin or Twitter?

LinkedIn or Twitter? Which one is better?

Do you take the same approach to all social media platforms? Do you upload the same content to multiple sites on a regular basis? Are you aware that LinkedIn and Twitter require distinct approaches?

Let’s find some distinctions here and you are always free to add your opinions in the comments. We love to hear from you 😉

Basic Difference

You are always in business mode on LinkedIn, and you are a business person on Twitter. Consider LinkedIn as if you were wearing a suit and tie. What would you say in a boardroom or during a sales pitch to a prospective client? It's all about the money.

Going to a familiar networking event where you know a lot of people is like going to Twitter. You recognize yourself as a businessperson, but you also express your human side by connecting with others on a personal and emotional level.

So, it's a good idea to bring up the weather, family, and sports because you're looking for folks that share your interests. It's all about social interaction.

Boosting Network and building relationship

Twitter makes it very easy to reach anyone. You can quickly form relationships, and if you're genuine, those interactions will blossom into real-life talks and professional relationships.

LinkedIn is more official; to connect with someone, you must first know them, be a part of the same group, or ask for an invitation. You may follow whomever you want on Twitter. LinkedIn offers one advantage over Twitter: you can own your database system; you can save and retain it.

Continuity and Freshness

Although Tweets remain searchable indefinitely, they are only visible for a brief period of time; if your stream is crowded, it can be difficult to track back to conversations.

To account for their short lifespan, they must be repeated. It's easy to elaborate with LinkedIn status updates, group discussions, and internal messages, and it can be quickly referred back to. So, LinkedIn seems better this time.

Better to Express

Twitter allows you to express yourself in 140-character bursts. As a result, abbreviations, jargon, and truncated URLs are used. It has the advantage of allowing people to be very short and funny in their sentences.

To go into further detail, write a blog post, have someone call you, or send you an email with more information.

LinkedIn allows you to elaborate on points, and it is simple to expand on what you mean when sending messages, but the short form has an art to it. Now it will vary from person to person.

Personality enhancement

It's all about professionalism on LinkedIn. You demonstrate this by making your experience and abilities available for anybody to read.

You network with other businesspeople and demonstrate your experience by responding to questions about your sector. Everything is in one convenient location.

It's all about letting people see who you are on Twitter so they can get to know, like, and trust you. In less than 140 characters, you may express yourself.

People not only get a sense of your knowledge but also of how you connect with others. You allow customers to try before they buy.

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