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Hey everyone :)

So people post on this group a lot about trying to find users to test their products. I myself have tried to find people recently and struggled to incentivise people to help me out. A likely reason for this is because I put it behind a paywall. That led to me feeling bad for testers so I offered to give them promo codes so they could just experiment with the product freely.

I can relate to this issue because I love some of the products people create in this community however I’m not in a place where I can subscribe to lots of services each month with a fee!

This led me to a new idea that I started experimenting and have begun to build in public: https://twitter.com/archiethedev/status/1358426593820094467?s=21

Indie Testers is a platform for indie hackers to try each other’s products before they are released to the public. Creators will get feedback from users and I’m exchange will offer users discounts to their product when they launch.

You can join the wait list now to hear any updates and be an early user.


Any feedback welcomed!

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    Hi Archie, great idea - just signed up! Looking forward to seeing it.

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      Thanks Thomas! Hope to keep you updated :)

    1. 1

      Awesome! Will keep you updated :D

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    This is a great idea! Signed up.

    Love how you’re doing the waitlist and referral link. Is this something you built?

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      Glad to have you on board!

      Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the waitlist! I'm using https://getwaitlist.com/ - a free tool that implements it all for you.

      I posted a video showcasing it if you want to check it out :) https://youtu.be/qcoCFcVsaGg

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        Great video.

        I wish I'd known about this when I started this project - I could have been capturing interest for the last couple of months. I'll definitely use it for my next project!

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    Great idea! There’s definitely a need here. I started The User Interview Exchange and people are using it for more than user interviews (I.e. user testing), but something dedicated for testing like your app is a great idea 👍 👍

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      Hey, that’s a really cool product thanks for sharing - I really like how you have structured everything especially the video format.

      I’m really interested how you got your initial users? My idea will definitely work best if there are products already existing on it.

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