Indie Women Monthly Round Up — 3

Welcome to another monthly Indie Women round up!

I've been working slowly but consistently on building up this indie women community. We now have a simple website that links to all the important things.

💃🏽 indiewomen.club

Indie Women

📅 Upcoming Events

✅ Every two weeks we run Indie Women accountability meetup sessions, they are small, supportive, and friendly. 👉 Book here.

🥳 We host a monthly indie women party on the first Thursday of every month. The next one is this week! 👉 Book here

🙌 What have indie women been up to?

Just launched today by @deepika:

👩🏽‍💻 Projects you should have a look at

🗞 Font Discovery — a newsletter by @huashu
🗞 The Leaf Node — a newsletter by @bhumi
🌐 Women Who Side Hustle — a project by Meisuleen

📝 The indie women writing away

👋 That's it for now

We finally got around to creating a Twitter account, if you like these efforts give us a follow there too. ♥️

And also...last but not least...if you know of any other indie women activities worth sharing, please do post in the comments. 🙏🏽

  1. 5

    Hey @rosiesherry this looks amazing, so glad I stumbled across it here.

    Honestly it can be a little lonely 1) being a female founder/entrepreneur 2) during covid. This group seems really great; I'm excited to join and get to know other folks who understand the joys and struggles!

  2. 3

    Thanks for the work you put into this Rosie!

  3. 1

    DARN. I missed this month's indie women party 🥺. But thank you so much again, @rosiesherry, for the shout out and also for giving everyone the opportunity to learn about other awesome Indie women 🤩.

  4. 1

    Thank you so much for amplifying my voice Rosie! And for putting in so much effort to bring us together. I love the company here :)

  5. 1

    Thank you Rosie, so many interesting things going on!

  6. 1

    These monthly round-ups are awesome @rosiesherry!! I'm new to the group too so it's awesome to see what all you lovely ladies are working on! Very inspiring, can't wait to meet you all!

  7. 1

    So much great work! Thanks for putting this together Rosie!

  8. 1

    Thank you for the shoutout! So cool to see how powerful this community and our work is.

  9. 1

    Thanks for putting this together! 👏 Love being able to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

  10. 1

    Looks so good!! I just signed up for tomorrow, excited!

  11. 1

    🙌 Rad! I work with a lot of non-male students and this is such a great resource to share example projects and inspiration.

  12. 1

    Thank you for curating this, @rosiesherry! Honored to be included.

  13. 1

    Thanks for the roundup. Similar to @slideswithfriends it can feel lonely. In my case it's a change in industry and coming from a family of civil servants. The last entrepreneur in my family was my great-grandfather

    1. 1

      So heard. Let's hook up at the event if we can!

  14. 1

    It makes me so happy to be in this group 🥲🤗 Thanks, Rosie!!!

  15. 1

    good luck, ladies!

  16. 1

    This is looking great! I have a few Brazilian female activities to share but they are all in Portuguese. Do you think is worth sharing? :)

    1. 1

      Go for it, what's the worst that could happen?

      1. 1


        I am super inspired by their work!

  17. 1

    Wow, so many amazing women! I'm so excited to see everyone's hustle grow.

  18. 1

    Thanks for the shoutout Rosie!

  19. 1

    thanks for adding my handbook.

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