Indie Women Monthly Round Up — 4

Welcome to another monthly Indie Women round up!

Indie Women is an initiative I started to encourage and support women indie hackers, you can find some quick links to our Slack, newsletter, Twitter and IH group on our website —  indiewomen.club 💃🏽

📅 Upcoming Events

✅ Every two weeks we run Indie Women accountability meetup sessions, they are small, supportive, and friendly. 👉 Book here.

🥳 We host a monthly indie women party on the first Thursday of every month. The next one is this week! 👉 Book here

🙌 What have indie women been up to?

Here are some things that indie women have been up to, of course, this is not comprehensive, bring more to our attention by leaving something in the comments.

🥂 Indie Women Rockin' it

🚢 Indie Women shipping and enhancing their products

  1. 5

    Congrats on all the awesome achievements in here!!

    1. 2

      " Monica make need her own dedicated section in this newsletter at this rate. 🤣"

      I agree!!

      1. 2

        OMG how on earth did I miss that 😂😂

  2. 2

    feeling inspired! congrats everyone : )

  3. 2

    Love everything here!! Congrats 🎉

  4. 1

    Lots of great things here!

  5. 1

    Love seeing Indie Women makin' it out there. Super inspiring <3

  6. 1

    Thank you @rosiesherry! Inspires me to keep shipping

  7. 1

    so grateful to be part of this community <3

  8. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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