Indie Women Monthly Round Up — 6

Welcome to another monthly Indie Women round up!

This post was kindly prepared by @yufa_li

Red heart Mindfulness Moment

by @Yufa_Li

❤️ How is your heart?

I’ll share first. I’ve recently read about many women are dropping out of the workforce because we become caregivers of our loved ones. I have been taking care of my grandparents. How do you balance self-care and duty towards our loved ones? I recently chatted with my friend about this topic. I know many of us are thinking about this. Please share your thoughts!

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🙌 What have indie women been up to?

Zero to Community. Select your online community stack by @annadante

Taking the Leap Into Entrepreneurship with

Two setbacks, four steps forward: lessons from getting rejected from YC and losing my cofounder by @snippyly

I grew an online community to $100K ARR over one year, AMA! by @anthilemoon

I sold nearly $100k of my ebook in 8 months, while growing Trends to millions in ARR. AMA! by @stephsmith

Reached 4.000 users and €1k MRR and How we quit our jobs to work on our startup, lost half of our clients, decided to pivot, and ended up building a no-code tool by @MarieMartens

I built a product for newsletter writers with no-code and earned >$35k, AMA by @Janel

Preparing to Launch by @Diane

[VIDEO] For anyone who's not tried Airtable by @romymisra

What it’s like to run a campaign on AppSumo. Viewst 1st month on air by @Eve_Shalenko

Iteration is where the magic is, but why is no one telling you that? and Everything takes longer than expected by @rosiesherry

Four lessons from working on my newsletter for one month by @Spoorthi

Ship Indie Women shipping and enhancing their products/business
@steff did live stream contributing to rails 👏

Snippyly got featured in Computer World @snippyly and doubled their user base to 4,000+ active users! Party popper

@huashu published the newest issue of my FontDiscovery newsletter with a new format. 🙌

@Etiene just launched the beta version of her language learning iOS app! 🚀

@Alba just launched Migrabooks, a collaborative platform to share books and follow their trips around the world! Rocket

@ashleyporciuncula just launched The CSuite on Demand programme, providing direct access to experienced entrepreneurs, directly in your Slack or email when you need it. Party popper

@heren launched You Belong In Tech 1.0 - 15+ untold stories of non-traditional paths into tech!

What have we missed? Add it in the comments below. 👇

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    Indie Badass Women Club! :)

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      Perhaps a name change is due. 🙃

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    I re-opened memberships to the Petminded community on Sunday! Check it out and DM me for a special IndieWomen discount :) https://www.petminded.co/community

  3. 3

    Thanks so much for the shoutout, @Yufa_Li and @rosiesherry ❤️
    And way to go, @MarieMartens @huashu, @heren and everybody else ! Great accomplishments all around🙌
    @Eve_Shalenko, I'm working on an upcoming AppSumo launch and found your insights very helpful 🙏

    1. 2

      Thanks Solène, congrats on the massive growth, doing great!

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      Great! Feel free to ask any additional questions)

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    Thanks for the round up and mention @Yufa_Li & @rosiesherry 💜

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    Thanks a lot for the mention! Appreciate greatly! It's great to contribute here!

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    thanks for the shutout @Yufa_Li and @rosiesherry :D
    always so cool to see what everyone's working on! feeling inspired! 💓

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    Hi i need ur support

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