Indie Women — What are you working on?

Hey indie women,

I'd love to hear what you are working on.

How is it going, and what can indie hackers do to help?

(Best or interesting responses will get included in an indie women email roundup at the end of the month.)

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    I am working on several improvements to the colour search engine lipcolourmatch.com!

    On the technology side, I'm working on a new colour search algorithm that incorporates textures into the search consideration and adding a way for the site's user to create their own collections! Texture-aware colour search will hopefully give me a competitive edge over some of the competing products in this space, but we shall see! :)

    On the growth and sales side, I have been learning a lot about SEO. I've discovered that one of the main "distribution channels", so to speak, for niche colour search technology are search engines (and niche user communities). Users who want to find out about how to find discontinued lipsticks or duplicates of their favourite products first go to Google so it's important for lipcolourmatch.com to have good rankings for the important keywords. Indie Hackers has been really helpful in learning more about SEO!

    On the product side, I've been experimenting with how different elements on the website affect the bounce rate of users landing on the page from Google. I re-engineered the navigation bar to be more clear and immediately users started exploring the website more than they had before! Right now, I am A/B testing how the text on a button underneath the search results affects the sign up rate.

    Finally, I've realised that as a technical person - one of the Built It and They Will Come (TM) crowd, I really had no idea about all of the other things that go into making a successful product, so I'm starting a newsletter called Build It and They Won't Come https://builditandtheywontcome.substack.com/ to document everything new that I've had to learn as someone from the technical side.

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    I'm working on designing products, services, and environments that change behaviors. We translate research and concepts from Behavioral Economics into actionable solutions, to bring positive changes in health, education, and finance.

    Those are the topics we are working on: www.spinellab.co

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    I'm working on Soapbox Project. It's a media platform for busy zillennials to get bite-sized action plans on social causes they care about.

    The main way we do this right now is through our < 3-min actionable climate newsletter, Changeletter. It's a super fun approach - we pick a monthly topic and break it down over 4 weeks for learning & retention without being overwhelmed.

    By the end of 2020, I'm trying to build an MVP of a more productized version where anyone, anywhere in the world can get a plan that works for them.

    The MVP is going to be super basic, though - right now, Changeletter will give you an action plan with no way to save/organize your actions. The MVP I'm working on will just be an account creation/login functionality and allow you to save actions to your account, so you can get reminders and a lil celebration when you've checked it off your list.

    I'm really excited by the long-term vision of having a one-stop shop where you can input your interests / bandwidth and be an engaged citizen in a way that works for you!


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    I am working on POW! — the privacy-first menstrual cycle journal.

    Launched what I would consider an MVP on March 8th, 2020. Currently at 47 customers. That's almost 50 y'all :D Plus, there are 13 canceled customers, and I have gotten some fantastic feedback from both groups.

    For the first time, I am working on something I feel I would be happy to do ten years down the road. Long term, I even hope to open-source the analytics engine, giving it a life outside POW!

    All in all, very happy with my slow and steady approach this time around. Really enjoying my time working on POW! and letting it find its way.

    There will be a relaunch on March 8th, 2021. Hoping indie hackers will help make it supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ;D

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    Me and my team are working on launching our product, Polkadot Tiger. It is an SEO tool that lets you run A/B tests for your metadata. You can find the copy that is truly engaging for searchers and, consequently, increase your CTR and rankings. We are in the beta phase now so we are recruiting beta-testers for the tool. A very exciting time for us :)
    More about the tool here: https://polkadottiger.com/

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    I am working on Polygloss, a game that helps you communicate and express yourself in another language (https://polygloss.app) and I'm preparing to launch on iOS.

    I have three main goals for the near future:

    • Add word hints and sentence suggestions to the top languages
    • Build a better landing page
    • Improve my marketing skills so I can nail the launch
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      Really cool! I am currently working on how to express myself in Swedish so will be really cool to try Polygloss!

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        that's awesome! I would love to hear what you think about it! Are you on android or iOS?

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    I've been creating an ICanNowCode project for self-taught devs (including bootcamp grad but don't have a CS degree) to list their profiles and show off their works. It's a place to discover talents of those who don't have formal degrees, and potentially attract future opportunities such as jobs, project partners, finding mentors and inspiring others.

    I'm working on adding more features to the site and in the process of finding out what people are looking for after their coding journey. So far I have 19 people listed on the site. Help with how to reach more people would be super helpful :)

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    I'm redesigning my website and working on a content calendar that I can actually follow. 🗓👀

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        Yup. That's the one. ☺️

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    I'm working on a handwritten notetaking app that allows for spatial organization, free movement, and gesture-based navigation. I and my partner developed Defter Notes for iPad and I'm currently planning our launch on the App Store.

    I come from UX research and have a background in UI design, so I wanted this project to reflect those areas of expertise. We launched the beta version in July and we had nearly 500 signups as testers. I'm very excited to see how Defter Notes will do going forward.

    The project website is https://defternotes.com. I'd appreciate any input and feedback.

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    I am working on a minimal bullet journaling app , for bullet journaling and shows /keeps user's streak .That t works on ios/android/web with data backup and reminders

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    I'm a public speaking confidence coach :) I help people overcome fear of public speaking on stage, at work, or in difficult conversations where conflict may come up.

    My coaching combines traditional public speaking skills with mindset and confidence skills. I have over a decade of experience working in corporate marketing, and I am also a registered yoga instructor. I truly believe this is what my makes my coaching unique.

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    Cool to find this group of women! I'm working on a fun and easy way to learn personal finance as well as build up a personal finance community too. We launched our MVP on product hunt on Nov 10th (we were #3 product of the day), which was cool.

    How's it going? Well, I'm getting a lot of feedback from users on our discussion forum, which is pretty straight forward stuff, but I can't seem to get any negative feedback on our game-based/quiz-based personal financial education web-app. We built the MVP with a focus to have - first and foremost - great content, and thought that we can update the gamification aspects later, but we're not getting much feedback on the gamification part at all! Any ideas on how to approach that would be helpful.

    It's at: https://www.askfinny.com/learn

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    I am working on Pathfix (https://pathfix.com) - an integration platform for developers. We enable native integrations across multiple providers, almost instantly :)

    Our platform handles OAuth + API + Webhook framework and offers a single API to access any of the providers APIs (or as one of our customers explained it - a middleware on steroids!).

    We are revenue generating and have customer globally ranging from Enterprise CRM platforms to Email automation tools and software platforms from many many different verticals.

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    I made a product for Twitter threads called ThreadOk. 🧵

    Twitter threads are becoming such a nice way to tell stories so, let me explain.


    • Many threads get lost on Twitter.
    • Threads are becoming a powerful marketing tool.
    • They’re an easy way to consume content.


    ThreadOk 🧵

    • Less than 20 seconds to submit a thread.
    • Just filter and find threads by topic.
    • Upvote threads and browse by popularity.

    Find more details in this IH post: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/today-im-launching-google-for-twitter-threads-threadok-3ca2168854?commentId=-MN4UIjf6Tw_1Tfqljr3

    Than you! :)

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    Hi Rosie! I'm working on two main things:

    1. MVP#2 of my product, Apparent.
      A listening-based stress-reduction and learning platform for mindful parenting. https://apparent.today

    2. My free newsletter The Apparent Letter.
      A weekly letter that nurtures your inner parent with ideas from mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience.

    (3rd week this week, very excited!) Working to find a good referral program to include in my newsletter (people who invite others will earn sth from me.)

    IndieHackers can help me by:

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    I'm working on a new scholarship series!

    In 2021, I'll be giving away 12 scholarships in 12 months through the AMPLIFY scholarship series. Yep, scholarships, not startups.

    I'll be tracking the project completely openly and have set it up so that people can partner with me on the project, whether it means applying to the scholarships, or even contributing or proposing some of the upcoming scholarships. I've only pre-determined 3 of the scholarships for topics I care a lot about: women in STEM, continuous learning (re-skilling), and green innovation.

    You can learn more about the project at the open page. Would appreciate anyone sharing this thread on Twitter so that it reaches more people.

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    Hi Rosie!

    Currently working on two different projects.

    1. Mobile Apps: My partner and I make small mobile apps and we've just released one a few days ago (it counts down to Christmas w/ fun themes & music). We are now in the works of getting more users + creating our next app.

    2. Illustrations: After completing school and then designing websites for clients, I finally found what I'm truly passionate about, and am ready to pursue that dream. I have started an Instagram page to showcase my drawings and document my journey. I am currently researching more about the industry and how to grow my following.

    Curious about what you are working on as well, Rosie!

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      I'm working on Indie Hackers! Which includes Indie Women 😇

      My 'side gig' is Rosieland a newsletter soon to be proper community for community builders. Meta!

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        Very nice to meet you! Rosieland sounds great.

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          Do you have links to your projects?

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    I'm building a personal finance community called Koody. It's a place where you can ask questions about money and personal finance and receive answers from verified financial experts and the general public. Think of it as the Google of personal finance. You can find instant answers to your questions about taxes, accounting, pensions, investments, mortgages, credit or any other personal finance matter. We even have regulated advisers if you need financial advice. Also, if you are a finance expert or someone willing to help people with personal finance questions or problems, you'll enjoy being a part of our community.

    It's going well so far. We've been around for roughly three months.

    I'm trying to get more people to sign up. And I need volunteers for user interviews. I'll be more than happy to be an interviewee for your product too.

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