Indie Women — What are you working on?

Hey indie women,

I'd love to hear what you are working on.

How is it going, and what can indie hackers do to help?

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    Working on the final touches of https://www.makezu.io/

    Makezu helps you increase your client base and generate more awareness for your brand through twitter.

    Indie hackers's feedback would be appreciated!

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      Cool idea and I love the logo.

      From a design perspective, the homepage is very overwhelming. There's a lot of text and colors going on and it's difficult for me to engage with the content.

      Focusing just on the header: I think you should stick to one headline and a couple of lines of descriptive text + a button. You've also got two CTAs right now "Join early..." and "Start your free...". Try to use just one CTA per section.

      The following section could be split into 3 different sections - each with an image and a few paragraphs of text.

      And in general, I would try to stick to 2-3 colors max to promote consistency throughout the site.

      I actually love the look of the About page - maybe try to bring some of that design into the homepage?

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      This seems like a pretty neat idea given how big the tech /IH community is on Twitter. Your landing page is nice but toward the bottom of it with the contact form /talk about us - those two blocks feel a bit sparse. Might just be the all white background?

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    • Working on NoCode Portal.

    • A good start so far as launched NCP successfully on PH (#1 product of the day). Conducted my first interview of CEO and Co-Founder, UI Bakery. Presently focusing on its growth and future direction.

    • IH is a great community that helps me in staying focused :) The friendly support here is helping me in multiple ways.....Thanks Rosie and everyone here!

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      I am sure you have put in lot of efforts for NoCodePortal. For starters, this is a great place to learn about NoCode.

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        Thank you so much!

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    Hi @rosiesherry, thank you for asking!
    I'm working on https://logology.co/
    I've been a graphic designer specialized in logos and branding for 15 years. When I was a freelancer, I met a lot of entrepreneurs who needed a good logo but many didn't have the money or the time to work with a designer because they were just starting their business. So, @dagorenouf and I had the idea to create an alternative with logos that reflects the values of the companies. I've designed all the logos myself! We launched a few months ago, feedback would be be great!

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    I'm working on a Jira add-on for the Woman Make challenge. The add-on automatically finds documentation relevant to a Jira ticket being viewed. I've been calling it 'FastGrasp'.

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    Late to the party: I'm working on https://glowism.com - a digital wellness platform to provide trustworthy and personalized skincare guidance for people with problematic skin. Trying to grow MRR and found it pretty painful as a first time founder with tech background.

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    I'm working on promotions across the board!

    1. Promotions of my Skillshare class that teaches the 101 of painting your sneakers

    2. Promotions of my sneaker painting kit, for said beginners

    3. My YouTube channel where I show people how I paint my sneakers

    4. A video course helping people to look and sound better on video

    5. Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, Linkin, Reddit Ads, FB/IG ads

    6. Creating a content marketing schedule (time to get serious, people!)

    7. Starting a podcast

    And having an outside/inside life (e.g., working out, learning French, online dancing classes, etc)

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    Hi all - I'm working on a hub of PR resources for startups. Would be great to hear which of the below you'd find more useful:

    • Pitching guides for media coverage
    • Press release templates
    • Guest post email templates
    • A guide to guest posts (incl email templates)
    • SEO - how to use PR to get higher rankings on Google

    Once I get more insight I can start focusing on what you most find useful :)

    Also feel free to sign up to updates - www.moderndispatches.com -thanks!

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    Making salary transparent! We (my co-founder and I) are working on an app called PeerWyse to help you know what salary to ask.

    Unlike Glassdoor or Payscale, PeerWyse doesn't show you salaries for job titles. Instead you see estimated salaries for real people you know (your LinkedIn connections).

    Our model is a little different. We don't ask you to enter your own salary. Instead you guess the salaries of your LinkedIn connections and we do some math to produce salary estimates.

    Getting people to download PeerWyse and give us feedback is number one priority right now. If you're reading this and would like to do a user interview swap, let me know! (15 minutes of your time in exchange for 15 minutes of mine)

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    Just launched https://www.vouchli.me/ - our pre-launch invite sign up page. I would love any feedback or warm introductions to people passionate about surfacing great female tech talent.

    Also working on https://www.getmindbites.com/ - for any non-fiction book readers out there who forget everything they read like me. Again, any connections or feedback is what would be helpful from other indie hackers :)

    Thanks @rosiesherry

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    I'm working on Recrooit - a referral based recruitment platform where industry professionals recommend their peers for the advertised positions.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, and everyone's welcome to join us!

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      Really like this it's a good idea. Linkedin doesn't quite cut it in my opinion. This fills in the gap nicely. Linkedin gets too caught up in acting as a social media channel rather than getting down to what matters: helping people find the roles they're looking for.

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        Glad to hear you like it! At this point, LinkedIn is a weapon of mass harassment, it's rare to come across some valuable content, and job posting is really expensive.

        We don't have UK based positions atm, but we'll get there. Come join us :)

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          A weapon of mass harrassment - ha ha! And using it for lead generation is super expensive. I feel like it does everything half half and nothing very well. It doesn't really know what it is! I will join yes and spread the word :)

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            Oh if you've time btw could you have a look at the post I wrote - looking for some feedback as to what you'd find most useful (just one answer would work)

            Pitching guides for media coverage
            Press release templates
            Guest post email templates
            A guide to guest posts (incl email templates)
            SEO - how to use PR to get higher rankings on Google

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              Done! Shoot the link once it's live :)

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                Sorry I didn't see where you replied! Did you vote - for what resource?

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                  Pitching guide, I think any bootstrapper needs it 😂

                  Cool! I can send you a link to sign up for the affiliate program at Recrooit

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                    Great that you said 'any bootstrapper needs it'
                    Do you think most bootstrappers will see PR as a priority? Just interested to know your thoughts. Email me the link at [email protected] :)

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                      PR brings visibility + backlinks, kill two birds with one stone while you're in the brand awareness phase. But that's just me, different people have different strategies I guess.

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                Hey - it's live here: www.moderndispatches.com.

                Just told my partner about what you're doing...he works in banking and is looking for a way to find good people fast. I was chatting with him about how Linkedin tries to be all things to all people which isn't very efficient.

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      Hey @Sofranic! I just launched a landing page for a similar thing with a different angle. Awesome to hear about other people tackling this opportunity. If you ever want to share learning's/ideas on how to drive this forward get in touch :)

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        Awesome! Yes - I just followed you, and I'll reach out at some point to share ideas :)

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    I'm working on https://workiswherethehomeis.com/

    It's a newsletter for remote workers who are curious about relocating to Europe. Every second Tuesday, we interview somebody who has made the leap - telling their inspiring story, as well as showcasing amazing European cities and rental and properties prices (for all budgets). Would love to connect with remote workers

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      Yes! I want to read this!

      The color scheme of the website is very warm and welcoming, good choice. If you can, try to make the subscriber email field a little wider.

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        Thanks for your comments and glad you want to read it (our latest issues drops next Tuesday and it's going to be our best yet!) Re the subscriber email field - what platform (phone/desktop etc) were you viewing it on?

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          Desktop. Not a huge deal, it just clipped the end of my (pretty short) email address.

          Looking forward to the next installment in my inbox!

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            Oh I'll check it out! I use Carrd for my landing page and hacked it integrate the Substack sign up box - will look into it as I want it to be as seemless as poss!

            thanks 👍😍

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      Just signed up! I live in Singapore currently but love dreaming about this type of thing. Looking forward to hearing these stories.

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        Thanks so much! Stay tuned for Issue #4 as I'm actually interviewing a couple who relocated from Singapore and have created an amazing lifestyle in Europe!

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    I'm working on user acquisition for www.pry.co, a financial planning software for startups. We make it simple for companies to manage their budget, hiring plans, financial models, and cash runway forecasts.

    It's going ok, definitely want more users, faster.

    2021 is around the corner. If anyone needs help with financial planning, let me know!

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    Hi, I'm building an online marketplace for financial advice: https://www.koody.co/

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    I'm building Barter Better www.barterbetter.co, a trade platform where you give stuff to get stuff. I also run an advisory firm called Payments Rocket www.paymentsrocket.com on the side and help companies optimize their businesses, payments and operations.

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    Thanks for starting this! Working on a tech job aggregator that provides job seekers with personalized playbooks for how to get each job. Here's what a playbook would look like for an entry-level data role at Facebook https://jointhebloc.com/job_tasks/ (heads up, this is just a mock - core platform has the actual tools enabled).

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    Learning some HTML and CSS to build some ideas I have.

    And working on https://monthlystart.com/ :)

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    Working on https://tracknack.com/

    At the moment, I'm prototyping the app's UI.

    Spread the word ;)

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    I have two side projects I'm working on: one is selling handmade items. I just started a collaboration with another creator. She makes candles and soaps and I've been making concrete pots.

    She's been in the business for a little a while now but I'm just getting started.

    I guess what I could use help with is hearing about other people's stories of reaching out to their first customers and how to create and find partnerships to get more exposure. Anything that I should know from people who have been there and done that. Also I would love insight on how to create a community with our buyers so they will keep coming back.

    Thanks in advance!

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      Are you self hosting e-commerce platform or posting items on Etsy ?

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        Self hosting right now. My friend has a self hosted e-commerce site: joellensnaturalsoaps.com . I don't have a website but I'm thinking of starting on Etsy. Right now I'm relying mostly on word of mouth and local sales.

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          One of my businesses is trying to source bulk soaps. Can you put me in touch with Jo?

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