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Here is the link if you are in a rush: IndiePosts

Yesterday I claimed in a comment that this post was in top 10 of my Indie Hackers posts. Then curiosity hit and I wanted to see if that was the case. In fact I was right.

That post was:

  • 4th top viewed post with 900 views,
  • 7th top replied post with 19 replies,
  • and again 4th top outbound clicked with 318 clicks. (30% conversion 😎)

So I've turned it into a web app, it was an escape for me from domain name research madness. Also a nice reminder about how easy and fucked up javascript is.

Anyways in case you are bored and wanna see how your posts performed, what topics you should focus on, or IDK what else just take a look.

Note: It fetches up to 1000 posts if you have more, sowwy. And if you are here around enough, back in the forum days the title wasn't required I believe so you may see some dashes instead. Enjoy.

  1. 5

    Cool! Haha, let’s see how much times I’ve poste—

    166 posts from braydentw

    wow... 😅😅

    1. 1

      Lol, indeed. Quite a good commitment.

        1. 2

          You, sir, are a posting machine!

          1. 1

            This comment was deleted 21 days ago.

  2. 3

    This is awesome @anilkilic! I love that you kept the UI extra simple without any extras clogging it up.

    1. 2

      Thanks Timo! Glad you liked it.

  3. 2

    Dude you're amazing for building this! Much appreciated.

  4. 2

    Cool idea! Will definitely use your app from now on ;)

  5. 2

    How wow that's so simple and useful. You've got something there :)

  6. 2

    This is just STUNNING!!!

    I literally needed something like this @anilkilic! Thank you so much for making this idea happen!

    1. 1

      Glad to hear that, hope it helps with what you are trying to do. 👍

      1. 1

        Yes absolutely! I keep sharing my experiences around building ruttl and informative content on indie hackers so I just needed a tracker for the longest time haha!

  7. 2

    Also, just interested, how do you scrape or get this data from IH? What technologies and methods have you used?

    1. 2

      Data coming from IndieHacker's algolia search endpoint, I just altered a few parameters to get it in bigger chunks and different order.

      Site using NextJS, and the table is react-data-table-component. 🤷‍♂️

      1. 1

        Nice - thanks for sharing!

  8. 2

    Also... ironically enough, this will most likely be your most read post lol

    1. 2

      Haha, it's rising steadily but I doubt it will beat Product Hunt Scam

  9. 2

    Could you show data for posts "all time" so we can get context on what a REALLY popular post looks like?

    1. 1

      This would be an awesome feature!

      1. 2

        It's fetching the data by querying IH's algolia search endpoint. I'm not sure if there is an index for "all time" content sorted as what we are looking. Best I can do is fetch them all regularly (monthly) to display in a separate page.

        Here is what it looks like; top 100 most viewed and replied posts all time. https://indieposts.vercel.app/top and those rounded numbers made me question its reliability :)


        1. 1

          Amazing! thank you for this.

  10. 2

    This is a very excellent little app.

    Sadly my biggest ever post with nearly 6000 views is "---" so I dunno which one it is lol.

    286 posts and counting.

    1. 1

      Thanks Mick.

      Those dashes are clickable, I didn't spend time on UX, wasn't expecting anyone to visit 🤷‍♂️ also ---

      1. 1

        haha amazing. My most read post by a mile is a 2 sentence piece of shit.

        Lovely 🤓

    1. 1

      Thanks Michael 🤘

  11. 2

    this, is, useful!!

    here is mine.

    are you going to keep it up?

    1. 1

      Thanks, it will be up as long as Allen brothers allows it.

  12. 2

    Thanks for this fun tool.
    I would love to also know what's the post engagement like here is on IH ?
    what is the % of posts created in the past 30 days with 1,2, n replies ?
    My gut tells me that IH has low engagement, most posts go unnoticed. But someone need to confirms this.

    1. 2

      I can't confirm that, these results includes the spam posts removed from the feed so it would be inaccurate. But here is what it looks like;

      0             2989  68.30
      1              355   8.11
      2              210   4.80
      3              142   3.24
      4              114   2.61
      5               83   1.90
      6               73   1.67
      7               48   1.10
      8               42   0.96
      9               45   1.03

      There were around 4376 posts in the past 30 days and 2989 of them get 0 replies which is 68%.

      If we ignore the posts with 0 replies;

      1              355  25.59
      2              210  15.14
      3              142  10.24
      4              114   8.22
      5               83   5.98
      6               73   5.26
      7               48   3.46
      8               42   3.03
      9               45   3.24
      10              33   2.38

      Hope it gives a rough idea.

      1. 1

        That was fast ! Thank you Anil. Engagement is not that bad I guess.

    2. 1

      Yeah I think the same, but I guess that's where additional content distribution methods comes in to save the day.

  13. 2

    Man... Brrrrrilliant! Anil @anilkilic
    Somebody please give this man an Indiepost counter award! 😅

    Sir, can you make a similar one or in the same one whose post got the most viewers or upvotes ?

    1. 2

      Thanks :) I did it once with another approach, it's not applicable to this unfortunately.

  14. 2

    This is cool, Thanks.

  15. 2

    Very nice! Thank you😃

    1. 1

      Without word count 😄

  16. 1

    Am seriously interested in knowing how you got the view count ?

  17. 1

    I see a potential micro saas idea here 😌

    1. 1


      This is how it looks like without any efforts. It's still on the top stories section of indiehackers so traffic will probably halt in a few days. Good luck with your idea.

  18. 1

    Nice tool, got to see views, upvotes of all posts.

    Helps to analyze which heading /post worked better.

    Small improvement: Also add the group name of the post.

  19. 1

    Where is link I definitely miss something here

  20. 1

    This comment was deleted 21 days ago.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted 21 days ago.

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