Ideas and Validation April 30, 2020

Individual App for Service Businesses(like restaurants, hairdressers, and soon....)

Srineesh @SrineeshFlutter_io

Problem statement: We are building a SaaS B2B business where we will be building and maintaining the app for the business at a fixed cost. This way businesses(mainly the food and dining Industry) shouldn’t have to rely on third-party apps like uberEats for selling their products but can sell their products from their own apps.

Target Customers: The target customer base is for established restaurant players who already have an existing customer base and running a well-known shop in the neighborhood or multiple stores at different locations.

Product features: We will provide a CRM panel for handling customer service, sending email/text/notifications, managing orders, and inventory for business owners in MVP version.
Initial sales would be direct sales wherein we will build demo apps for ideal industries and change them based on the prospective client. We have an Online Web and APP builder planned to automate this process, but currently waiting for idea-validation and initial customers.

Revenue Model: We are planning a launch offer of 10$/month for 1st month and then 39$/month for maintaining the apps. We also take a 3.2%+30cents cut for online transactions to handle chargebacks and online transaction fees(*if any).

The initial setup fee will be free for the first 10 paying customers and then it will be charged 50$ if the user opts for Android alone, 175$ for IOS, 230$ for Android and IOS.

If the customer opts for an annual package the initial setup fee is waived.

Launch: I am currently working on this project and looking to launch version 1.0. or beta by May 15th, but I am skeptical to launch amid the coronavirus lockdown.

I am willing to hear your thoughts or if anyone is willing to partner with me(mainly marketers) feel free to write a comment.

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