Innovation Coaching Tip: Virtual Collaboration

Part of the fun of the IndieHacker community is being able to virtually collaborate, especially as many of us are soloprenuers or are bootstrapping alone. The next time you are feeling stuck on developing your idea, try hopping into a live virtual meeting together in addition to emailing and posting. Collaborating virtually has a hidden secret: it's WAY more inclusive than brainstorming in-person which is valuable to what you are developing!

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    Think this can be very real for some people. I'm in a writing workshop that uses this format and I love it.

    If it's of interest, we wrote a report on virtual office spaces where we cover some of the best options out there: https://tooltip.com/reports/virtual-office-space

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      I completely agree! Thanks for sharing this report! I have been obsessed with virtual environments ever since going fully virtual myself due to COVID. Where my coaching practice is focused on coaching for innovation, I think I initially started reading about virtual work so that I could help clients continue to develop their own innovative behavior and was worried about how moving into home offices might thwart their progress, especially those working to innovate as a team. I was so excited to learn that zoom meetings can be better for brainstorming in the long run because it can result in better ideas. Besides, most companies don’t do brainstorming the proper way and it tends to resemble spitballing until someone (usually in a position of power) “decides” for the group.

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