Instagram bot for follow/unfollow

Today with @thibault_ent we launch our new SaaS, an app for automatize follow/unfollow on instagram !

It's an app to launch on your computer for don't be detected by Instagram, it's the big benefit compared to other SaaS service

There is an unique plan ($29/month)

Don't hesitate to feedback me in comment or on Twitter

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    My yesteryear experience as a part of the Runescape playerbase (prolific for being filled with botters) and experience with Instagram marketing would lead me to believe that Facebook/Instagram is likely very advanced when it comes to detecting what is and is not a bot, even if the window is opened on the user's machine and the mouse is moved programmatically.

    Best of luck. My only advice is that if the comparatively small company in the UK that ran Runescape in the mid-00's was capable of developing accurate ways of detecting mousebots, Facebook definitely has these resources at their disposal.

    I would echo what @irshadnilam said, be careful & good luck :)

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      This ^^. Great post @andrew_dougie. I believe that as a community (@csallen), we should not be encouraging products that are unethical or in outright violation of a product's terms and conditions.

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      Thanks for this information
      I use it everyday since one month and I dont have issue for the moment

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    Why can Instagram not detect your tool?

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      Because the bot launch a window from your computer, with your IP, your wifi and move the mouse and keyboard like a human

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    Cool! Is there a trial?

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      No trial but you can download the app for free directly on the homepage

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    We don't use any external server / proxy.

    This app it is used on your computer (and not into a browser...).
    So she use your personal IP (if your computer is connected to the Wi-Fi).

    You can also adjust all settings (max follow; max unfollow; per day / hour... don't unfollow until...).
    And naturally, you can start & stop in 1 click.

    Thank you to all of you for your interest!

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    Massplanner, Jarvee, Followliker and many tools who try to do this (and are currently doing this) have/had problems with Instagram going after them. Massplanner had a cease and desist sent to them from what I've heard, and they were doing this anonymously.

    My advise for you is to be careful :)

    Good luck with your sales.

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    Did you know that the banner to producthunt shows a different product, not autogram.to?

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      Yes, I fix it now, thank you

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    Can I get a link to the site?

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