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Instagram hates me

TL;DR Instagram won't let me back into my account.

Crazy story. I worked really hard to grow my Instagram following to 15k+ (and my Facebook following in 2017 to support my subscription box business. After a while, that business struggled and I paused it for two years.

During that time, my audience continued to grow on the strength of the concept and the content. A month ago, I tried logging in to my account and got the suspicious login attempt notice. So I expected them to send the security code to my email... except they are not doing so!

I suspect their algorithm has flagged me for not logging in for two years and for attempting multiple logins over the past two weeks. Unfortunately there is no HUMAN customer support to explain this to. It's quite frustrating. Not sure why they would say they sent it and they don't. (Yes, I checked spam and called the email provider.)

Any way to reach someone at Facebook to address this situation?

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    No ideas, I've heard stories like this of endless attempts and loops. I hope you get it sorted though! :(

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