Instagram launches desktop posting, new creator tools

One of Instagram’s most-requested features — the ability to post from a desktop computer — is finally a reality.

Insta tune-up: The Facebook-owned app recently announced the update and a host of other new tools to help creators collaborate with users, raise funds, creatively use music on Reels, and add links to Stories.

Desktop posting: You can now post photos and videos under one minute to Instagram using most desktop web browsers. Desktop posting is similar to posting via mobile, although there are fewer filters and adjustment tools. Previously, Instagram’s web version only allowed users to scroll through their feeds, check messages, and reply to them.

Quick thoughts: I recently posted from my desktop and it was nice to write a lengthy update with a full-sized keyboard. Previously, I used voice to text or iOS Notes to jot down my captions but it was as painful as it was inaccurate. If you're a social media manager - or simply handling media for yourself — this update should make your life easier.

Collabs: Top creators were already working together in their DMs. But now Instagram has productized the process to enable users to co-author posts and Reels. You must first invite an account to be a collaborator, which then allows users to add both names on a post’s header. Collabs has the potential to boost a post’s impact as it’ll share users’ followers, live on both profile grids, and share views, likes, and comments.

Link sharing: Links in Insta Stories were previously limited to verified accounts or those with 10,000+ followers. Now anyone can do it.

Reels music: Reels has two new, nifty music effects: Superbeat and Dynamic Lyrics. Superbeat automatically edits videos to the beat of a song and Dynamic Lyrics displays 3D lyrics that flow with your tune.

Fundraising: Instagram has had fundraising features and a live-stream donation tool for a while, but the ability to launch a fundraiser from your profile is new.

Creator suite: In May, Instagram launched Creator Shops to help influencers earn a cut of product sales they display on their profile page. At the same, Insta debuted a marketplace to make it easier for brands to identify creators whose audiences align with their target markets. The feature appears to be inspired by TikTok’s Creator Marketplace.

Parent problems: Facebook, which owns Instagram, is in the midst of a widening PR crisis that’s also ensnared Instagram. While researching a product for children, Facebook found that Instagram harms teens’ mental health — especially young girls. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said he believes building “Instagram Kids” is the right thing to do, but has paused the project.

Fountain of youth: Instagram is incredibly important to Facebook's growth and the company is concerned its young audience is slipping away. Instagram generated about $24B revenue in 2020 — nearly 37% of Facebook’s total.

Deflection: Facebook is hoping its upcoming rebrand will distance it from harsh scrutiny from users and Congress — after a whistleblower testified to lawmakers about Facebook's "prioritization of profits over safety."

What do you think about Instagram’s updates? Share your thoughts below.

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    It seems to me that Instagram promotion is becoming more and more promising. You can judge at least by the increased number of bloggers and insta-shops. And as strange as it may seem, many bloggers now advertise their products/services through insta. That's not counting those who already have their own audience. Yes, and these influencers and producers themselves are successfully running their own blogs. Because of this, Instagram is so developed, and popular pages with instagram likes have an undoubted advantage. Still, the social network is struggling with scamming so that everyone has an equal opportunity.

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    This is just Zucky crapping his pants. He's sooo afraid of tiktok he'll do just about anything now.

    I mean, seriously, we've been requesting this feature (posting from desktop) for years. And it's not like it would be rocket science - they've gone out of their way to prevent this for years, like, at some point they wouldn't let you post even if they detected you're in a browser simulating you're on the phone.

    And now, you "suddenly" add this feature? Give me a break...

    And not to say that Instagram allows 60-second reels for months now, yet no matter what I do, my creator account only allows 30 second reels. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. I've complained about this for more than 20 times, I even wrote them on twitter, obviously they don't care. So yeah, trust a company that can't even properly implement a 15/30/60 second toggle? No, not really....

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