Instagram marketing resources

what are the best resources to learn more about marketing on instagram?
any good books articles on that topic?

instagram is the biggest source of traffic for my cross stitching app right now. but i feel like there is room for improvement. 😅

You can take a look at my profile here: https://www.instagram.com/silkstitching/

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    Given that you haven't received any replies, I'm swooping in for some self-promotion. I write a newsletter for organic Instagram growth and strategy at juhola.org. I learned with my own account, which I grew from 4000 to 190k in a year, and have been working with other businesses for a couple years now with IG strategy.

    Later.com, buffer.com, and hootsuite.com cover the absolute basics pretty well, if you find that helpful.

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      nice, nothing against self-promotion. will sign up for your newsletter 🙌

      which of the three services would you recommend to start out?

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        Cool, see you there!

        Regarding Later, Buffer, and Hootsuite, what I meant was to read their blogs. They provide scheduling software and I'm sure they all work well. Haven't used any of them in years.

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    Try followfox.io I'm using it for my account for a year now. Very safe in terms of payment transaction, really good customer support and of course most important real followers who buy my product. Dm me if you need any more Info

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    Hi there. Facebook has a lot of helpful material about targeting marketing. I recommend you to learn that. Also, you will like this article regarding buying Instagram followers in 2021. That service helps to get up to 25 thousand active followers. It is one of the keys to success. When people see your page is interesting for others, they follow you as well to be trendy.

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