Integrating Database API (using AI if possible)

Hi! I'm looking for help integrating a database API into my bubble app. I'm new in tech (I'm teaching myself bubble).

1)I want the user to be able to upload bullets from their performance report into a database for others to use.
2) I also want military members who are separated/transitioning to be able to input their performance report bullet and it generates a resume bullet (using AI).

Background on the project is provided below.
I'm currently working on a MVP called the Bullet Cache. For those of you who have served in the military you understand the importance of performance reports. I want to help others articulate their resume “military” terminology into “civilian” HR speak within seconds. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) I want to minimize the time it takes to construct a strong, competitive, marketable resume. Additionally, I want to allow those who are still serving an opportunity to build a performance report within seconds using our database. This would significantly increase the overall quality of their performance report while saving time.

I would love your feedback and/or advice!

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