Intercom without the email marketing and chat features?

I'm looking for a service that will let me build a database of my customers. It would be perfect if worked just like Intercom's dashboard but I don't need any of their email marketing, support, or chat widget stuff. I just need a service that will give me a good window into my users without having to login to a database.

Is there any service out there like this?

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    What else are your requirements?
    Splitbee is an analytics tool that combines Mixpanel & Google analytics!

    You will also have a user explorer with powerful search & you can see each individuals user‘s actions and more

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      Hi Tobias,

      Splitbee looks really great. So really just want a way to see what users I have in my service without logging into a database.

      For example:

      1. I want to see how many users have been active in the last month.
      2. I want to see where they live.
      3. I want to see how many times they've used the product.
      4. I'd like to tag groups of them so I can dig analyze their behavior in greater detail.
      5. I'd like to add events to them like "Upgraded to Pro", "Contacted Support", etc.

      I think Splitbee's user explorer is almost perfect but it seems very focused on web traffic. The thing I was hoping for was a way to do this via an API. Does Splitbee have something like that?

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        1,2,3,4,5 are all possible! :)

        There is an API that is not documented yet. Where does this data come from? Desktop app? mobile app? something else?

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          Yeah, the main client is a desktop app.

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