Interested in getting back into tech

Hi all!
I used to run my own software development consultancy for 5 years, studied computer science and applied math.
The last 10 years though I've been working in investment banking and private equity, but have always had a first love for software.

Looking to get back into tech and development, perhaps even just to work on a few hobby projects, so looking for people that want to launch an idea and don't mind having someone that is looking to get their technical skills back up. Got some time! and always happy to take advice =)

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    Hey Sash, take a look at our recent post and see if it aligns with what you have in mind. Cheers! -Alex

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    Sash, how do you feel about Rust + FOSS + Community?
    Checkout stackmuncher.com and github.com/stackmuncher/stm_app
    Happy to fill you in on the mission and how I think we can get there.
    The project doesn't generate cash yet. Having a strong partner who can look at the big picture and dig into the code would get us there quicker.

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    I'm up to chat to see if there's mutual interest. Have a few ideas. Feel free to ping me in my bio as I didn't see a contact in your profile.

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