Interested in investing or trading? I need your help

Hello, indiehackers!

I am interested in investing money in stocks and crypto. I feel that lately, it is becoming quite popular, actually.

There are a lot of different news sources, also there are some forums where you can discuss something. Some is providing paid investment ideas and signals to buy or sell something as speculation.

I am wanting something where everything is integrated. I am imagining this as a mobile application where users are share news, signals, ideas, or even questions and are able to chat right there to discuss the topic, rate it or report or some other feedback.

As a user, I view a feed by a stock that I have interested in, subscribe to important posts to be notified as something important occurs. Also I want to take a part in discussing some financial situations with other users for my better understanding and kind of emotional support (when another panic mode on the market :) It makes sense to follow some gurus and their ideas.

Right now I am seeking any features (ideas) to be integrated into the app. What would you personally would like to have in such app? (you can also submit some via google form if you would like https://forms.gle/NZT8WZjRGBscxbW39)

Also, I am seeking someone who is interested to join this project as an advisor, tester, developer, and so on (please, use this google form https://forms.gle/WzgukwCQNLsY65Du7). Please, share this form with those who might be interested.

Also, also, I have some sketches with the current vision of the app, any feedback is appreciated of course. See shorturl.at/mrxAO

Thanks in ahead!

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    I think your idea closely matches StockWits app.

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    Yes, I am interested in it, but I only work with verified sources. If you need help, you can always go to a company that often helps me solve my financial problems and points me in the right direction to solve this or that problem. A few years ago, I knew nothing about liquid assets, and now I think that if I had had the opportunity to study this issue earlier, my life would be even better now. The earlier you start to understand it, the more you can earn. It's simple.

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