Interested in selling your pre-revenue/micro SaaS?

Hi everyone!

Are you a founder who's built a nice product but have lost interest and want to move onto the next one? Have you gotten a few customers who love the product, but you don't want to keep building it? Let's talk!

I'm a founder with one exit under my belt, in e-commerce/CPG. I've always been interested in technology, dabbling with coding in early teens, and recently have gotten back into programming. I'm currently going through Launch School while working full-time as head of sales & marketing at a tech company.

I want to get back into entrepreneurship part-time and I'm looking to buy a well-built SaaS product that isn't dependent on a 3rd party site ie. Twitter or Amazon. Ideally, a B2B app, as that's where most of my experience is.

Please reply below or PM me to get a discussion going. I'll get back to you as quickly as possible and let you know whether or not I'd like to explore further.

Always happy to plan a call too, I love talking with other entrepreneurs and can share some thoughts re: growth and marketing.

EDIT: Sorry if this type of post isn't allowed, please let me know or archive it, thanks.

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    Is this still something of interest, John? If yes, let's talk – B2B app/platform // pre-revenue SaaS

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    I'm looking to find a buyer for a side project of mine!

    Its at http://mysavings.space and a heads up:

    • no revenue (not monetized it)
    • stack: php, mysql, jquery, bootstrap
    • no dependency on any 3rd party site.

    Current charges for maintenance only involve domain and hosting costs..

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    Curious what was your business in the e-commerce/CPG space? I'm exploring some ideas in that space as well.

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    Moved the post to 'Business for Sale' group 👍🏼

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      Thanks Rosie, I checked the groups before but missed that one. Appreciate it

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