Ideas and Validation February 20, 2021

Interview by Venture Mirror: Flipidea offers analytical information about business failures

Paul Lee @paullsc
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    [7 mins] "#Failure isn’t a strange terminology that we aren’t accustomed towards. In life, we face several challenges; some we overcome while succumbing to others. It’s a process of learning from failures and correcting those mistakes.

    The same implies to budding companies or startups that have failed to achieve their goal. However, analyzing the failure is quite tricky if you’re looking for a core analytical point-of-view. But to assist in this matter, Flipidea can be of great help. is a data analytics company that conducts a post mortem review of failed companies and provides a technical overview of the failure.

    The company offers several criteria for analyzing the failure, including funding sources, idea valuation, investors portfolio, competitive analysis, and much more.

    Speaking with Paul Lee, Co-Founder & CEO of Flipidea, we got an exciting insight into the company. Learn more from our conversation."

    *Note: Venture Mirror covers startup, tech and business news from different sources.

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      Friends & fellow founders, our work with Flipidea DaaS is only the beginning. 😊

      "Ultimately, all of our solutions are designed to guide founders differentiate creatively and compete wisely to reduce our #failure rate."

      So if you reckon our work will be valuable to aspiring founders, do share our work with them and claim your referral rewards after. 😉

      Paul from Flipidea

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