Interviewed over 100 DTC founders on my pod (DTC POD) making 7,8, and 9 figures. Have also served over 500 ecomm customers. AMA!

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    What are your top 2 favorite episodes of the podcast?

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    I've actually got one more question I'd be very interested in hearing the answer to. Where on the web do DTC founders/ecomm-managers most commonly hang out?
    Is it Facebook groups, twitter etc? Or is there no clear place.

    *As you probably guessed, I work in the space as well. But on the Shopify app side of things.

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      This is something Ive been thinking about as well and there is no place thats the source of truth for ecomm peeps. However, we did create a Discord group for all ecomm founders you should join it! scroll down here and you will find it:

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        Thanks Ramon, I've done just that!
        It's a tricky one for sure. I gather that the E-commerce Fuel private community has quite a big collection of store owners. But, in general it does seem pretty spread out.

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    Hi Ramon,

    Could you share how you managed to get interview so many DTC founders? What's your process for outreach and convincing them?

    And what are the biggest problems you hear about for ecomm store owners?


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      Mainly its customers from our business trend.io so it was easy to convince them to come on the podcast.

      this is a good question.. I would say its dealing with copackers or manufacturers.

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    Do you see any common threads among strategies or tactics that new DTC brands have used that led to their first big jump in sales?

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      For sure. Usually its influencers but now Im hearing a lot of "we blew up on Tiktok".

      Think there is massive opportunity for brands to become the influencers themselves by just generating engaging organic content on platforms like Tiktok.

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    Its a beautiful website! What is your tech stack?

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      Thank you! :) Its fully custom built. We just use Contentful for some CMS but designed and developed in house.

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    Hi Ramon,
    On average how have you seen new DTC brands finance stock?

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      DTC POD is a Clearbanc partner and we have seen a lot of brands see debt financing as the best vehicle to finance stock. I think VC is the wrong vehicle for DTC brands unless they see a clear path to $1B.

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        Thanks, very interesting!

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    Hey Ramon, how do you see the future of customer acquisition for eCom (especially after the recent privacy updates)?

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      Community all the way. I have seen ecomm businesses making a few thousand in revenue that come from the community - no ads.

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