Interweave Week 11 Progress Report - Actual Progress!

As always I'm sharing my full progress report here to this great community. If you're interested to catch up on the journey you can head over to my blog at byansmith.io

Still playing around with progress report formats, what do you think of this format? Let me know.

I'm past the major DynamoDB road blocks!

🚀 You can tell the barriers I was running into with AWS have been knocked down simply by looking at my stats this week. 21 commits! You can also tell where my focus has been, no writing, and not much community engagement has led to slow awareness growth. I'm honestly okay with that for the moment. Product progress is finally zooming along and that makes me happy.

Multi-tenant serverless SaaS is easier and harder than server bound

There are things in serverless-land that are easier to do than rolling your own. Things like authenticating a user (so fast with Amplify and Cognito!) having awesome redundancy (built in!) and so much more.

But once you steer into areas that are off the beaten path. Watch out.

One of those is a multi-tenant SaaS that has multiple users per tenant. Why is it hard? Because 99.99999% of examples out there assume 1 account per customer.

I'll be sharing what I'm doing on this front as a writeup for others in the future. I've found some good resources, but quite a few are dated, or worse either dive deep and narrow on one part of the problem, or go shallow and wide and don't give you actionable content.

Your network has help, but only if you ask

Someone in my mastermind group was able to connect me with an AWS expert who has kindly offered to review my plans for multi-tenancy. I really don't want to waste my cycles on dead ends in AWS anymore.

I reached out to a few people I know who I thought might be able to connect me to someone. I don't mind paying for help, but finding help has been an issue for the small review task I'm looking for. I could have used Upwork, but I wanted to see if my network could help first. And it did.

More customer discovery

I'm prepping to do a round of discovery research over the next couple of weeks. Why? I want to revisit some assumptions I had from my research into Interweave in 2020. I'm planning to do Jason Cohen's email approach to find people I've never talked to. I'll also be reaching out to my early access list. I'm excited about this because I always learn a ton when interviewing customers. Yes I know they're not my customers... yet.

Weekly Project Progress Stats

  • 🗓 Days Worked: 5 (- 0)
  • ⏱ Hours Worked: 11.52 hours (🔺 0.1 hours)
  • 💻 Commits: 21 (🔺🔺 18)
  • 📝 Words Written: 0 (- 0)
  • 🐦 Tweets: 23 (🔺 11)
  • 🐦 Followers: 251 (🔺 2)
  • 📧 Early Access Subscribers: 30 (🔺 2)
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