*Introduce yourself + your blog here* ✏️

As a non-techie, I'd love to meet more bloggers/writers on here.

Let's use this thread to introduce ourselves & make friends 🤗 Feel free to use my format below, or just write your own little intro.

ps. I just made a new group for creatives, you can join here if you'd like to.

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    I'm Matthieu, French web developer living in Berlin.

    I'm not sure if your group can work. It's a bit too wide to me, and there are already so many groups on IH...

    Here's my blog: https://thevaluable.dev
    I've written a book: https://themouseless.dev

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      I'm not a dev, but I frequently work with them, and I love your blog :) Some things do go over my head, but I think it's great that you're using your own voice. There are a few typos, but I think all of that is manageable when you're speaking from your own experience. Definitely a breath of fresh air in the sea of similar, SEO-d content! :D

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        Thanks! That's definitely nice to read :)

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      nice to meet you, Matthieu. no worries if the group isn't right for you.

      Cool blog - and great piece you have there on imposter syndrome.

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        Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

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    Hi I'm Dave from Italy. 5 months ago I resigned to start my own venture, an open source authentication framework for SaaS.

    At the same time I also started writing and I'm trying to publish a couple of posts per week. Many have some king of content marketing inside, but I write mostly for the joy of writing. My blog is at https://1codingwhale.medium.com/

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      nice to meet you, Dave. Here's to writing more for the joy of it.

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      You should definitely get this content on your own domain as soon as possible. It'll help a lot more with your SEO in the long run.

      You can always syndicate each post to Medium with a canonical link back to your blog if you want the distribution.

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    Thanks for making this post!

    I'm a Product Manager at Google. I hack stuff together and write about it in bootstrapperstales.com

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      Really like the intro page! Inspired me put something like that together for my blog

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        Thanks! I checked out your blog and followed on Twitter.

        One comment - the links to your blog on Twitter are broken :) you are missing the "/blog" suffix

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      I love the storytelling format, as well as the intro before the blog. Awesome!

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        Thanks! Bookmarked your website for my next copywriting needs :)

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          I appreciate that! :) I just followed you on Twitter to stay up-to-date with your blog (hoping you share whenever you update), excited to read more!

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      really cool, nice to meet you :)

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    Hi Jas and everyone! Glad to connect with fellow Indie Hackers. I'm someone who loves internet as a way to connect people. I've created the Midnight Pub, a virtual bar / internet message board and more recently Smol Pub, a blogging platform for the small net.

    Here is my blog!

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      Wow, the midnight pub is so cool! It reminds me of old-school internet. :D Definitely happy I discovered it here! Love some of the posts there, they've got the old school but slightly cyberpunk-y vibes.

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      wow, I love the midnight pub :) tiny blogging is also cool, I'm loving micro.blog recently.

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    Hey everyone!

    I'm trying to make privacy more accessible and practical over at The Privacy Practitioner.

    I'm currently writing about privacy certifications and the Privacy Engineering Practice and Respect (PEPR) conference.

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      👋 nice to meet you :)

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    Thanks for this post!

    I'm building the Learning Management System for coding courses called CodingWolves (https://www.codingwolves.io) and I'm writing about my journey in my blog https://seacat.blog

    I'm also very active on Twitter and use it for micro-blogging keeping "build in public" (already kept 66 days posted :) so welcome to my page: https://twitter.com/SeaCatBiz

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      hey there! Cool blog - I like the tagline :) I hope you're finding the 'build in public' experience useful/helpful for you.

      1. 2

        Thanks! Yes, my "BIP" experience is really great!

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    Hello all, ty @jasraj for creating.
    I'm Josh, a registered dietitian based in Texas. I'm working on starting a SaaS that calculates calories using a macronutrient algorithm. I'm starting a blog to document the process. Just working on the front end of the website (and it's taking a while as I'm not a programmer and am self-taught). Follow me on twitter @JoshWestRD for the details when the blog launches!

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      hey Josh, this project sounds really cool. You'll find others in the 'building in public' group (and also #buildinpublic) on twitter, in case you've not come across those. Good luck!

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    Hi Jas, This is Vibin Kishore from India. I'm a Software Developer, Digital Marketer, and a Blogger by Passion. I'm currently working for a company that provides a SAAS product and always looking for a side hustle.

    I've been blogging for the past 2 years almost and I majorly write about Tech, How-to articles, Reviews, Recommendations, etc.,

    Do check out my blog -> https://techvile.in

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      nice to meet you, Vibin :)

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    Hi Jas! My name is Hews from NYC. I've been inspired by the Indie Hackers movement but not a tech person myself (though I'm teaching myself to code right now). My background is in business across a variety of industries.

    I enjoy exploring and learning things. I recently decided to get out of my cave when I do that and so I started a personal blog: https://hewsan.me/blog. My plan is to use this to kickstart a regular writing practice and transition to more creative work.

    Love the new group that you're starting! Just clicked join.

    1. 1

      Hi, I was gonna check out your site but I get an error. Is it live?

      1. 1

        It was, but I had to take it down temporary to redo some of the backend. Had made some errors setting it up. Thanks for trying to check it out!

        1. 1

          No problem! :) Feel free to let me know when it's up.

          1. 2

            It should be back up if you want to check it out!

            Everything should be stable now - I thought it was back up earlier but something was glitchy...


            1. 3

              Also, I really love your blog because you share your own experiences and insights, which is wonderful to read in the sea of perfectly optimized blogs. It reminds me of old-school blogging and the few blogs I read regularly. :))) Thank you for that!

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                +1 to sharing personal stories and experiences - these are my favourite kinds of blogs, too.

              2. 1

                Thanks for the kind words! Definitely inspires me to continue, especially with the post about my nomad experience!

            2. 2

              I love your voice! Also, this is SO true - "Sharing my work feels uncomfortable because it's a new muscle," It really is. I also read your first post, and I would definitely love to read about "Lessons from 9 months nomadic" because I've always been interested in that lifestyle, but it felt like a logistical nightmare.

          2. 1

            This comment was deleted a month ago.

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      Hey Hews! Nice to meet you. I love the UX of your blog, btw. I run mine on Ghost too :)

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    I guess it's only fair that I go first... (feel free to borrow my format, emojis optional)

    👋 I'm Jas!
    📍 Hampton, England (SW London)
    ✏️ Working on: my blog (INF club), and also editing a book: The Indie Author. I've written fiction & poetry, too, and also love music. (find me + my stuff here)

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    Hello! I'm Miika, a software developer. I'm using my self-made CMS for blogging at https://miikavonbell.com/ - which is a software developer lifestyle blog I started two months ago. Happy to see you all!

    1. 1

      nice to meet you, Miika, I like the blend of software/personal life on your life :)

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    👋 Hi Jas! I'm Ari.
    📍 Bali, Indonesia.
    ✏️ Working on: Mostly my blog, I write in Bahasa Indonesia here and in English here

    1. 1

      hey - nice to meet you Ari, neat blog & I love the cartoon headshot :)

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    Hi Jas! I'm Pranav from Sydney. As a writer and techie, I've started a blog with both my short stories and progress updates on different personal projects of mine. You can find it at https://psharma.ovh. By having one place for new stories and projects alike, I hope people will be more likely to take a look at some of my other projects while they're there.
    I've joined your new group!

    1. 1

      Hi Pranav - cool blog you have there :) Re: micro-blogging, have you come across micro.blog? It's my favourite 'social' platform (I use it more for self-expressing > connecting with others, but there are some amazing people on there and it feels like a v safe space)

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