Introducing Myself

Hi everyone
This is hj from (mostly) Mexico.

I have several independent media brands in LATAM.

One of those is Hyper Noir, focused in business, tech and startups. We decided to launch a Job Board, hoping it will serve better our audience.


We have a newsletter of 192K members, which we haven't been contacting frequently, hopefully this will change soon.

I'm also interested in acquiring more job board related brands, in order to explore complementary revenue sources.

I'll be glad to share everything we know about audience building, and hoping to learn about job board growth and monetization.


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    Any tips on growing my job board if you can ...

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      I think the best job board focus on building community and audience around a "Job to be Done." (search Clayton Christensen's video on youtube)

      That means
      a) focus on a niche industry
      b) a niche job function

      If you can attach yourself to an existing community you'll be golden.
      Otherwise a lot of patience, and being helpful to communities that already exist.

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        Also, it might useful to help users find relevant jobs with the least effort possible. (filter by the different variables such as location, title, payment etc)

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    Great to have you hear!

    If you would start your newsletter from scratch without your existing audience, where would you focus most of your effort?

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      checkout https://wannahireme.com/jobs and let me know what you think...

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      Wait a second... Now that I think of it. I've a better answer.

      Here's how I would growth hack a new newsletter.

      Assuming I already decided on a niche (make sure you love the topic you will be covering) I would:

      1. Borrow an existing audience (write content for existing communities/newsletters)
        This has worked wonderfully in the past. But I guess it's because other communities already knew us.

      2. Find people/sites with similar audiences and pay them to share pixel/allow me to insert my pixel/advertise on FB to their audience.

      3. Use Ahrefs to identify trending topics almost on real time.

      4. Start conversations on Reddit using those links (I got 2K karma using this method)

      5. Find Quora questions to answer and sign with the newsletter link.

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    That's very cool hj.

    I have this ultimate question. How did you manage to collect 192K people in your newsletter? And how much time did it take to you? :)

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      192K my man...that's a lot of people...I just started my job board...https://wannahireme.com/jobs... Imagine my surprise when I come across this post...

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      It took me about 5+ years of digital presence

      I used to teach business innovation and entrepreneurship a in 3 different universities. Combined with a lot of blogging and about 9 years of facebook groups.

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