April 11, 2019

🎉✨ Introducing Shouldimakeit.com 🎉✨

Craig Barber @CraigBarber

A quiz to help entrepreneurs think critically about their startup ideas 🤔💡

Evaluate your startup idea in 30 seconds! ⏱️

How will your idea score? 🚀 or 🔥


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    Like me, you probably have lots of startup ideas. Constantly writing them down so you don’t forget them. I often fall in love with my ideas. Never able to get them out of my head.

    Whilst it’s great to have lots of startup ideas you love, it’s important to take a step back and think critically about them. To objectively evaluate an idea before you begin the huge undertaking of making your idea a reality.

    This is where https://shouldimakeit.com comes into play.

    Should I Make It? Is inspired by serial entrepreneur Jon Yongfook and his process for evaluating startup ideas. Jon uses a spreadsheet with a series questions which ‘score’ each of his ideas.

    Should I Make It? Is a ‘productised’ version of Jon’s spreadsheet made into an easy 10 step questionnaire. At the end of the quiz your startup idea will get a score out of 50. The higher the score, the better the idea.

    Whilst Should I Make It? Is not an infallible process when it comes evaluating startup ideas, it is an easy way to help you think more critically about your idea.

    Enjoy : )


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