Invite codes for Indie Hackers?

What’s the story?

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    I just wrote an update about it here.

    TL;DR — Should help combat spammers and improve post quality. Might be temporary experiment, or might be permanent. You automatically get invite codes by owning a product + making useful posts and comments + running out of your current invites.

    Feedback and ideas welcome! But also, let's give it a chance to see what happens.

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      Howdy! I launched my biz here on IH - What do I need to do in order to get a code to invite my colleagues?

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      Had to google this to find out. I'm happy about the change. But I need to add my co-founders. Any chance you can add a function to allow adding of just co-founders? I'm certain the issue will arise for someone else. As I don't necessary drive all our marketing efforts. Likewise, other co-founders might have similar situations.

      Either Way, hope the spam fight is going well!

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      Sounds like a good move.

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      How bad is the spamming issue?

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      Hi @csallen can you give me an invite code?

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    Email [email protected] for an invite code. It might take a while to get through all the emails but he will get to you.

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    @csallen - can I get an invite code pls?

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    do you have more info on how to get an invite code? i wanted to ask a friend to join.

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    could be useful going forward

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