Inviting you to follow the Achievements group. Here you can share the achievements that accomplished by your projects

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    Wow looks cool.

    Well here is My achievement for today.

    Just created a landing page for indie latte

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      Great! I invite you to post your achievements to the group.

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    A group for achievements is a nice concept to share micro/macro wins, though how would you distinguish this group from the Milestones that's integrated right into IH?

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      • I saw too many drop-in upvotes when that section moved from top to bottom ⬇️ this group can help the makers to post their achievements.
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        Right it's harder to get there now and not a lot of people scroll till the bottom of the webpage since the most popular posts are at the top. So hopefully this group can help with that

    2. 2

      Yes both are almost similar but milestones are only visible in products section and in my opinion the maker can't express their emotion or they try to be more professional while writing product milestones. So this group will help makers to celebrate and share their story, which will be an inspiration for others.

      1. 2

        So rather than just sharing updates on their products, the group will be like a more open way to celebrate their over-all journey and things that aren't just directly liked to their product, right?

        That's pretty great!
        Joined the group!

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