Is a monitored internet a threat to creativity and reassessment?

Here's my take on why we should care about our private data. Let me know your thoughts 💭

The invisibility of the data collection and storage process and the unconscious assumption that privacy is for bad people prevent individuals from imagining alternatives to the current system.
Renowned activist and socialist Rosa Luxemburg said: "He who does not move, does not notice his chains.". Targeted advertisements result from "crawlers" going through your emails to provide better-personalized content to users. Although it helps people expand their product searches, it also reduces their ability to broaden their content access and explore new potential interests. Our online searches come from personal tastes, interests, and beliefs. The risk is to blind people's minds by nurturing them only with unconsciously already approved content. Being unable to imagine concepts, ideas, or visions that differ from our personal beliefs stir us away from questioning our status quo and making use of our creativity. Limiting people's creativity reduces their ability to think outside of the box, thus hindering their ability to reassess their rights, shared knowledge, and opportunities in their society. "Without freedom of choice, there is no creativity.", Benjamin Spock.

Thanks for reading 🙏

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