Meta September 30, 2020

Is IH newsletter signup working?

Jason Creviston @thecrev

I supposedly subscribed - got the convertkit success page. But I never received the email with the link. I tried two different email addresses and checked spam.

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    Hmmm, I'm showing you as not subscribed for some reason. Which newsletter form did you use to sign up on the site? Can you try it one more time and let me know what message you get?

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      I'm trying to subscribe with a different email address. When I type it in and press subscribe, the button just turns blue and I never see anything else.

      It might have been when I logged out and tried it, that I got the convertkit success screen.

      [email protected]

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        Gotcha, looks like I have some kinks to work out! In the meantime I just checked and that address is subscribed, so you should get the next newsletter. 👍

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          Thanks for looking into it Courtland!

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