Meta April 3, 2019

Is indiehacker ever been useful to you, it always felt little bit like 'look what i got'...?


This is a legit question... maybe it's just my interpretation... or this is how it's.

After reading 30 or so stories, interviews. posts... I feel I haven't learned anything and I just got to know few companies. Low key advertisement / look at me.

I feel outcome is I just feel more and more annoyed by click bait titles and then posts thinly decorated as insights.

So have you gotten anything out of any material there then look at me i'm so great.

I am not completely dissing it. I think there needs to be a place for entrepreneurs who aren't exactly inside VC circle and live in SF. But quality of interviews is just shit I feel at least.


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    Thanks for the feedback! Can I ask you a few questions to learn more about how we can make things better?

    • Where are you in your particular startup journey? e.g. haven't started, building something, launched, profitable, etc.
    • Has there been a single interview or post on IH that you ever learned anything from?
    • Any specific reasons why you don't find the stories and tactics in the interviews educational? e.g. it's stuff you've heard before, etc.
    • What other resources besides Indie Hackers have you learned from?
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