Is it a Great Resignation or a Freelance Revolution?

We surveyed 600+ marketing leaders around the United States and asked them about the impact of the Great Resignation. We found that:

  1. The labor shortage is in full swing.
  2. Marketing teams need to stay agile.
  3. Freelancers are disproving hiring managers' concerns.
  4. Freelancers save companies time and money.
  5. Social media, branding, and Amazon marketing are the most popular freelance roles.

Let's dive in to a couple of my favorite findings from the report (link at the end of this post).

Hiring in-house marketers is hard right now

Constantly changing needs (hello, iOS updates, privacy concerns, supply chain issues, ongoing pandemic etc.) make it hard for businesses to know exactly who they should hire full-time, and when.

As a result, a whopping 95% of our survey's respondents said they were more interested in hiring freelance marketers. And when they do hire freelancers, they have success — 83% of marketing leaders said freelancers helped their marketing teams pivot more quickly.

Freelancers save companies time and money

This one is pretty simple, and those of you in this group already know it.

When they use freelancers to get work done, SMB leaders estimate that they save just over $71K per marketing campaign.

Enterprise leaders estimate they save $124K per campaign.

50+ more statistics about the freelance market

For more data on the freelance revolution, read the full report.

And let us know what you think!

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    Amazing, @tr1ple6! Thanks so much for sharing the report!

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    Great article @kelseydonk . I'll include a link to it in one of our upcoming newsletters. I think the members of our freelancing platform ramen.Network will find great value in reading it!

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