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Is it a smart move to give out discount for academic purpose?

Tuan @tuangeek

I run an API service and was recently contacted by a professor at a university asking for a discount for a subscription with my service. They are asking for more than 1 million request, which would run for about $1k. However it would only cost me about $100 in server cost. I want give it to them for $1 so I have some kind of record and accountability if my service gets abused.

What are the pros and cons? What would you guys do in my situation?

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    Personally I'd go to it, get to know the professor, and possibly learn about other professors (within his network) that may need my product.

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      Thanks! I went ahead and gave them a price that would cover my expenses for running the server.

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        Maybe give him a wink: "Please don't tell your colleagues that I gave that much discount". It'd be nice but devastate if other professors give you the same bargain

        Do you mind sharing what you're working on?

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          Lol, yea it wouldn't be smart idea to give out discounts to everyone that ask.

          I run a Google Search API service The professor works in the business department. My guess is that they want to perform analysis of companies based on Google searches. They want to run over 5 million quires.

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            Ah, good service. Also really nice web design.

            I think there is a small typo on the footer “ Designed and coded with by Gooio”. Should it be googio?

            Thanks for sharing a @tuangeek

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              Thanks. Nice spot, I'll fix it.

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