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Is it allowed to have several projects under one Stripe (or other payment processors) account?

When you register for Stripe or any other payment processor they require some data about what is that your project does so that they can judge if they can work with you.

But what if you have several projects, totally separate under the same corporate entity. For example I have one LLC but I have different and totally separate projects for which I want to implement payments. Each project would be ok for Stripe/Paddle, and it follows their TOS. But is it ok to have them all under one account? And should I just apply with one project and than add payment to other sites?

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    Yes—if the payments are all for the same business, there shouldn’t be an issue on Stripe’s end.

    You may want to think about separate Stripe accounts though if you want cleaner reporting/accounting down the line (and you can invite the email address of the other Stripe account as a team member to flip back and forth between accounts in the Dashboard).

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