Landing Page Feedback March 30, 2020

Is it clear what the product does?

Manuel @senator_unstaffed


I'm currently working on the landing page of my first product and would be very thankful for any kind of feedback!

Important aspects for me would be:

  1. Is it clear from the landing page what the product is and does?
  2. Does it appear trustworthy/professional?
  3. Is there anything important missing?

To me the page still feels "too empty", but I can't really think of anything to put there. There are usually testimonials on landing pages, but I do not have any users yet and would feel uncomfortable making something up.

Thanks a lot!

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    I like the concept a lot. It appears trustworthy to me. A few additional points of feedback:

    (1) Why are the examples in the screenshot for popular sites like Indiehacker and Airbnb? I thought this was for monitoring your own personal website (singular, not plural). I was expecting to see analysis for "" or something like that.
    (2) I don't know what the metrics in the dashboard mean (e.g., SEO, performance). I was expecting to see metrics like "# of backlinks", "alt tag text", "site map exists", or other metrics that are needed for SEO.
    (3) It would be cool to see concrete results. "Reports" and "alerts" sound like stepping stones to help me get to the end result that I want (e.g., x% more page views in 30 days, rank in the top 3 google results within 90 days). That would help me to evaluate the effectiveness of this against other SEO tools.

    Great work and good luck.

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      Thanks a lot for your feedback!

      1.) The first point is very interesting as this is something that a friend of mine also mentioned recently. I hoped to improve the situation by adding "niche" example sites in addition to showing that even the big players still have room for improvement (airbnb).
      But since this feedback is reoccurring, I might really be better of using something that symbolizes a potential customer's site!

      Regarding point 2 and 3) My examples are currently not clear enough in what the product does at the moment. The current version revolves around the lighthouse metrics, which have a big impact on the score that google gives a page. Features like "# of backlinks" and "site map exists" are definitely on my roadmap, but not yet part of the MVP.
      Maybe if i embedded actual (fake) interactive results for the "" with a short explanation how they are relevant to SEO would help.

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        The embedded interactive results idea sounds cool. Good luck!

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    I would advise you work on the design.

    Things I do not like personally and advice:

    1. The content before the features heading is wider than I can focus.

    2. I find it uncomfortable to look left and right to get the message (If it possible shrink things a little). E.g As I am writing this comment, everything is within my "focus point" in other words centered enough that it is user friendly.

    3. before the Monitor My sites button (I mean above it) how about you add to or 3 bullet points letting people know in how you solve their problems or benefit etc in a as fewer words as possible. Probably making this shorter "Manual checks are error prone and cumbersome."
      Look at how things are done here: (I am in no way related to the owner of the page, I only found it on IH and liked it)

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      Thanks a lot for this very actionable feedback!
      These points are especially interesting for me, because I've recently made changes to the design which resulted in these issues as a side effect.
      I'll really have to learn to properly iterate over design.

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    Very clear and I might give it a try in the near future 🙂

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    • It is clear.
    • It is not "too empty".
    • Copy could be better (lets you down imo)

    Good luck

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      Thank you for your feedback!
      Suppose I will have to look at more examples of landing pages and practice both my design and writing much more (I'm not very experienced with either... yet)

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        Being too hard on yourself. Design is fine. Copy needs work. You're saying the right things but needs polish to reach the level you aspire to (imo). Maybe get someone to work over the copy with you.

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    I'd say the landing page is pretty clear in terms of what the product does. I wouldn't say it's trustworthy since there aren't any testimonials, logos, case studies, etc. but I understand you're just launching. Perhaps adding a demo video overview of the product would make it feel more real and substantial? Even better if you do the voiceover and have yourself in the video frame (using something like Loom) so people can see a real person is behind this.

    Also add some background info about yourself here:

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      Thanks you!
      I've thought about adding a video or animated images to show how the product is actually used. But I'm not sure if it is currently a good time to do so, as the underlying user flow and UI is still drastically changing.
      But I really like the idea to use a video with voiceover to create trust and make it more relateble! I will strongly consider creating such a video in a slightly later phase of the product!

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    @senator_unstaffed, I would be happy to give you feedback, but did not found the URL to your page ;-)

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      Hahaha, that's already some very useful feedback!
      Thanks, I've added the URL to the initial post.

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        Thanks ;-)

        Yes, the website looks trustworthy/professional?
        It is good that you included a real-life preview of the product.
        Maybe the gauge area could be slightly redesigned to feel less technical. But that's ok. (maybe use Lighthouse as inspiration)

        As a user, I don't understand the issue you are trying to solve to be honest.
        If I did initially setup correctly my website, why do I need to check it regularly?
        Probably this is very obvious to you, but not to me ;-)

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          Thanks so much for your feedback!

          You're absolutely right, it seems that the landing page does not clearly communicate who and in which cases such a monitoring might be necessary.

          The initial motivation for this product origins from working on websites with many dynamic pages, that are constantly changing, while the system is under permanent development and SEO performance is critical to the business.

          I will have to better communicate the actual advantages of monitoring and danger of not-doing so, in such cases. Luckily, from my experience, those people that were in charge of SEO topics on such sites, are already very aware of such dangers.

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