Is it fine to have different prices between app and web?

I currently have a paid web app and I'd like to have a mobile app. The features would be the same and both apps would share the same back-end.

I found that Google and Apple have 30% tax on all in-app purchases.
Does anyone know if it's ok to have different prices in different platforms?

I'd like to have 30% increase in prices in my mobile app and the user would know that they pay more. I'd also give the users less funds (being fair) because this tax would not be added to their account.
I'd also write "The price is increased by 30% because of Android's and Apple's fees; Web version doesn't have this tax."

Does anybody know if there are any clauses that limit this kind of payment flow?
Does anybody know if there are any clauses that limit me to write about my cheaper web pricing?
I ask about both - Apple's and Google's in-app purchase agreements.

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    Plenty of apps use this strategy and also try to drive people from the app to web for payments.

    Example: https://www.downdogapp.com/

    They have different prices for app & web. In the app, they say - you'll get a discount if you pay via Web.

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      You aren't supposed to refer to any other payment methods in the app. I'm going to have to download this app to see what it looks like lol

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        I think it's allowed to say Get 30% discount on our website. Apple does not allow usage of a different payment method to sell digital goods in the app.

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    I've heard that companies indeed do it, but I'm not sure how exact practices looks like. Also apple now cuts only 15% for under 1 mil

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      I'd love to see an example :)

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