May 8, 2019

Is it good idea to Form company as {Name}.com Inc?

Ibrahim Hasanov @uviba

I registered the company as {Name} LLC, but I want to use Stripe Atlas and form the company as {Name} Inc. However, Stripe Atlas doesn't allow us to change the name of the already incorporated company and use their services. And changing the company's name costs $450 separately.

We have 2 option:

  1. Change Company name to {} LLC and open {Name} Inc. - will cost $450 + $50 (for Stripe atlas)
  2. Not changing the company name, but corporating {Name}.com Inc - costs $50.

So in this case, Is it a good idea to Form company as {Name}.com Inc?

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    The business name doesn't really matter. It's mostly what appears in your footer and on your legal docs. If need be, you can be a d.b.a ("doing business as") to clarify.

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