Podcasters May 6, 2020

Is it really this hard to find podcast stats?

Curtis Cummings @ccummings

I was doing a bit of research today and was shocked how difficult it is to determine a podcast's popularity/reach.

What does everyone use to track your own stats across platforms? Is there anything out there to find those stats for other podcasts?

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    Most podcasts have built-in analytics either via their hosts or through companies like Chartable or Podtrac. Some data is also provided at times via the publishing platforms (Apple Podcasts / Spotify)

    With that said I don't know that you can access any of those statistics, just like you can't really do it for websites that you don't own.

    You can check https://chartable.com/charts or https://www.listennotes.com/ for some data

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      Thanks for the links. I guess I've been spoiled by video platforms like YouTube where views and subscribers are public.

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        BTW Google just launched their own podcast analytics platform

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    I've had this problem too! I've done extensive research and it appears that there really aren't a lot of solutions. Mainly due to the fact the data is siloed in the RSS feed.. so you're relying on the hosting platform to open up an API or build good insights on their own.

    I've used SoundCloud for most of my podcast hosting and it's not terrible.. but leaves me desiring so much more. I recently subscribed to blubrry but I'm not sure I have enough data yet for it to populate correctly.

    I think at scale, the native platforms like Apple and Google might have better metrics, but for indie podcasts like mine, the data isn't statistically significant enough to display.

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