Product Development June 30, 2020

Is it unprofessional to have emojis in your CTA button?


I am looking to improve the CTA buttons by adding emojis. I also have "corporate" websites on my list I was wondering what is the general view about button-emojis.

Thank you!

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    I would say that the copy and the CTA should be aligned with the language of people you're selling it to. And also a bit of context why they are using your product

    If you offer a service to schedule for a COVID-19 test, you wouldn't say "Schedule now and see what happens 😅"

    on the other hand, if your product/business is not so formal (so no banking, lawyers, any form of other institutions), I believe it's ok to have emojis. Especially if you can make smart connection between the text and emoji

    Bear in mind, different platforms render different variations of emojis, be sure to check it in browsers, android, ios etc. I once put an emoji in an email signature, looked great at the moment of creating it, but when the mail was sent - it was rendered a bit differently.

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    Make opinionated software.

    I think it is fine to have emojis in CTA.

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    Depends on the business. In most cases, I would say it's fine — your app isn't that serious. Probably wouldn't want to see, like, my bank or my doctor do that though.

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    I think as always it depends. Do you have a screenshot of that the button would look like?