Is it worth to sell early-stage MVP?

I have a project, which I haven't touched for 7-8 month now so a friend of mine offered to buy it saying as "I don't work on it anyway".

If I want to sell it, how you would evaluate the price of the MVP app?

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    If it's not making money then then I would take the hours I spend on it as a baseline.

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    If you don't plan to do anything to it, it's value is close to zero. If it's not generating anything or you are not personally using it, then it collects dust.

    You can ask for anything that makes you comfortable, but make sure you won't feel remorse/ripped off if your friend manages to turn it into a revenue generating project, you won't be entitled to any of that, since they came up with the capital and marketing effort to lift it off the ground.

    Another approach would be to become partners (if they agree), and split the ownership.

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