Is my app too small to market? How should I market it?

Hi everyone. I built a pomodoro timer Simple Pomodoro recently and I'd like to eventually generate some add revenue (possibly) from it at some point. Do you think my app is too small to start marketing? If not, how should I go about driving traffic to my app?

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    Size doesn't matter! But I would say that small sizes work better when your product or service is highly niche.

    There are a lot of Pomodoro timers out there, like Be Focused for Mac which I use. Can you compete with them somehow by targeting some niche?

    What about a Pomodoro Timer for Developers?

    How about Pomodoro Timer for Mac Developers?

    How about Pomodoro Time for C# Developers?

    At the end of every timer, you give them a random C# tip. So they are motivated to use your app instead of others, and you can highly target them in your outreach. AND you develop a highly targeted audience which you can use to attract sponsorships -- anyone hiring C# developers.

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      Thanks @cbartlett. This is actually great advice. Thank you soo much.

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        This makes perfect sense. There's really little on what you can do differently in the pomodoro counter. Technique is already established long time ago. But, as Colin said, you can choose who to target, and that would bring the value.

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    Nothing is small.

    If I were you I would

    • use hashtags on Twitter to promote this
    • Join productivity communities
    • Write a blog '3 techniques to focus deeply during the pandemic'
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      Thanks. l will execute on these points. I really appreciate your time.

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    Maybe better to switch to subscriptions and do it as @yuya_uzu is doing with pomofocus.io. See this post on ih

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    I think a lot of fitness experts (at home doing workout) may value the simplicity of the product. I don't think it's small to market. There are some good niches to market.

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      Thanks for the feedback @rashid777. You're awesome.

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    I had no idea what a Pomodoro was so when I went to your site and started hearing the ticking sound all I wanted to do was gtfo! I think you need to walk the user in step-by-step as to what your site does and how/why someone would use it. And if you already have it there great, but like I said as soon as it launched my first instinct was to get out - and that's not knocking on you or the site, just how it made me feel.

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      Thanks for the feedback. I'm just curious what ticking sound are you referring to? My app doesn't tick.

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          I can confirm this case, happened to me as well, probably sound is loaded and played without intention, so it's worth investigating as it will scare the people away.

          I know what pomodoro and I wanted to see what you did different, i.e. why to use THIS pomodoro site, so there was a fight in me to find a way how to turn it off (because it behaves strange when it starts with the sound), and to get away.


          Maybe to continue answering your initial question, I would say go and try to make best out of your product. I would use it as a playground to experiment with everything (seo, sem, researching who is your audience, building plans etc),

          But, keep in mind, you're not launching small app and trying to make it visible, you're trying to launch an app which already have thousands of variations.

          From April Dunford's book Obviously Awesome, there's this single question - what would your customers do if your product didn't exist? Try to think about that. And about your customers

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            Thanks for the feedback. If you have time, could you try it one more time? I made a change that hopefully fixes the issue.

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          Thanks. I'll have to look into this. Definitely not by design.

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            ha gotcha. that was feeding off my mic from speakers set at volume 15...you can only imagine how loud it is IRL. that being said, I took a second look, what you have in the 'what is Pomodoro' needs to be clearly stated up front - that way you aren't just targeting users who already know what Pomodoro is.

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              If you have time, could you try it one more time? I made a change that hopefully fixes it.

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                nope, same beeping is still on

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    Terribly saturated space, and many of the offerings out there are desktop apps and not web apps. I think you're going to have a hard time competing without the leverage of an app store. Even then, pomodoro timers are in the same realm as yet another TODO list app.

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