Landing Page Feedback November 20, 2020

Is my landing engaging?


Hi IHs 👋

I'm working on a new project and I'd love to hear what you think about the landing page:

One of the challenges is that there could be two types of users: speakers and attendees.

My idea is that people do both: give their talks and attend talks by others. The wording I've used follows this idea and in most sections of the page there are references to both. I've also included a section mentioning some of the benefits for each type of user.

I'm not sure if the message is engaging enough though..

Would you be interested in using it?
Is there something else you'll add or remove?
Would you change something?

Thanks for the comments!

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    Hehe, it's plenty engaging for me. I signed up. It's understandable, relatable (since you shared why you're building it). It works.

    I'd like to present, but I'm also on a push to listen, notice, try more small-group stuff.

    Hope it picks up.

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      Thanks @pascallaliberte

      I deployed a few changes like 1 hour ago based on the feedback I received previously so I assume you've seen the new copy and sections.

      Glad you like it and thanks for signing up 🤙

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    This looks okay, I understand what the product does (which is important) BUT it does raise the question of "what does it look like?". I'd love to see an example of what this would look like, so some form of recording would be great as Jon suggested.

    We're in a similar market too!

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      Thanks for your feedback @mooraage. I'll see what I can do ✌️

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    The short answer is no, it's not engaging enough. But I do think that is fixable.

    The first thing I suggest is getting a benefit up front. You do a good job of explaining what the business is. But why should people care? What's in it for them? How are you solving a problem or pain point? That's what's going to get people engaged.

    The section with the numbers is interesting, but it might be better to hold off on that until you bring those quantities up. Small numbers like this can actually work as negative social proof.

    I hope that helps.

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      Thanks for the feedback Sean.

      I'll try to figure out how to suggest the benefits for the users. I think that would be easier if I target a specific field or type of user instead of trying to have talks of anything.

      Agree on the stats section, maybe I hold that for when I have more 🤙

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        You're welcome. If you need help, feel free to reach out.

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    Hi Antonio,

    I guess the biggest confusion for me is that when I read the hero, I thought that there would be a library of past talks to watch, but the focus actually seems to be on live talks.

    For this website to be something I'd come back to, I'd want the option of both watching past talks AND arranging to watch live talks.

    The other thing is that you have times against upcoming talks, but I don't know what timezone those talks are one. I'm in the UK, so I don't know if you mean 4pm GMT, or 4pm elsewhere in the world. This could cause a lot of confusion!

    Overall I think it's a good idea, especially while it's more difficult to host meetups currently. I just think it needs to include the ability to easily view past talks for it to be of enough value to sign up (for me, anyway).

    I hope this is useful


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      Hi @WildcardCopy

      That makes a lot of sense. Having recorded talks to view is something I've just discussed with a friend and it will actually add a lot of value. I'll have to think about how I will implement it though as, at the moment, it just serves as a platform to generate an event and meet share the details between the speaker and the attendees.

      Regarding the times of the talks, they are actually displayed in the user's current timezone but yeah, I'm sure I can make that more obvious.

      Thanks a lot for the feedback!

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    Maybe I'm not in your target audience, but I don't understand the page. The whole 'Quick talks' phrase, I've never heard people talking about 'quick talks' and their benefit. The main issue with your landing page is that it's confusing atm, I think you need to clarify who is it for and work on making it more clear.

    1. 1

      You're the first person telling me that doesn't understand it. The concept 'quick talks' is meant for short conversations, that's why the plan is that the talk's duration would be 30mins or less. I'm not saying there is any befenit of these, just that these are the type of talks you'll find in the site.

      It actually mentions who is it for in the hero but it's true that the message is not very specific. That's because I didn't wanted to focus on technical talks, marketing or a specific field but maybe I should... I'm not sure.

      Really appreciate the critical feedback, thanks @zerotousers ✌️

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